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Marble Blast STOP for Windows Marble Blast STOP for Windows HOT
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Marble Blast STOP is one of the first full-release mods developed since July 2011; not counting Marble Blast Powered Up that was released in 2013. This new mod in the last 24 hours has recieved 108 Downloads. That's huge in one day! There may-or-may-not be a second version of Marble Blast STOP coming... The world may never know.


"Through blood; sweat; and tears, Marble Blast STOP has been released for Windows Users!!! This is a game about skill; finger strength; and reflex. A reboot to the Marble Blast Series. While there is still light in Marble Blast, can you defeat the source of evil that has plans to shut the Marble Blast Universe down for eternity?" - Theo/Niko M. (also Telamon/Jiquor, creator of MBS)

Marble Blast STOP: "Can you save the Marble Blast Universe from shutting down?"

Marble Blast STOP is resolved around controlling a small marble through courses that contain dangerous hazards; useful power-ups; and diamonds that you must pick up before you can "stop" the level. Stop in this instance means finish the level.

There are a large amount of levels that require finger strength and nasty spins to get through; so prepare to do some weight lifting on your fingers. Some levels feature a Qualify Time in order to increase difficulty, along with resurrected tactics such as the famed hard-to-do for beginners "Wall Hits", "Diagonal Movements", and "Edge Hits". While playing Marble Blast STOP, if you don't know how to do them, you may refer to Jiquor's YouTube Channel "Jiquor's Channel" for help. Search Jiquor in Google and it will pop up many fields in things like Twitter, ROBLOX, and etc. Just look for the YouTube links.

The game also features a much more easy + difficult section of times that you can beat if you have the speed; although these times are not required to progress through the game, they are called "STOP Times". Beating the STOP Time proves your agility and nasty spins on the marble, aswell with finger strength.

SevereTEAPOT Productions later re-branded as a SevereGame Productions due to the shorter and catchy name. a SevereGame Productions mainly creates board games and resurrects games from the past with new features. The virtual part of a SevereGame Prod. started on the site ROBLOX (www.ROBLOX.com), with their first game being INTRUDED by Jiquor (that's me!).

NEW FEATURES: CheckPoints. Checkpoints were developed by HiGuy and prove easier gameplay for Marble Blast STOP. OCTAGONS: Similar to Easter Eggs. They are optional to collect -- some are tricky to find, some require problem solving, and some are easy to get to. There is currently no GUI for OCTAGON Collection, so you will have to keep track of your own Octagons for now on a notepad or a piece of paper. An OCTAGONGui may or may not be added in a future release. Last, but not least, the physics and the source code was modified and rewritten by some users of a SevereGame Productions -- making the Gyrocopter easier to use, etc. Currently, the game is available for Windows XP SP1 through Windows 10.

So far reception to Marble Blast STOP is currently very positive. Many are really paying attention to the music and sound which is bracketed together really well. Another thing that is getting a lot of notice seems to be (when you go on through the game), some redeveloped and resurrected classic Marble Blast CUSTOM Levels, such as Open House Revision. The new CheckPoints and OCTAGONs are a bonus for easy gameplay and challenge.

Current complaints are getting directed from very few users about the Controls Menu -- they think that the Controls Menu should be re-added. These may or may not be added in a future release.

While Marble Blast STOP may be the new game, it doesn't just contain gameplay, but it contains an actual storyline. It's best to go through the level packs in order so you understand the story better. Start with BEGINNER, then go onto INTERMEDIATE, then ADVANCED, then EXPERT.

NOTICE: This game has a Console Lookup but you CANNOT access it. There is NO Level Editor. If you want to cheat and figure things out; go ahead, but I don't recommend it due to the storyline.


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