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13 Feb 2018 02:40 #1 by TheMBGPro
TheMBGPro created the topic: Top 20 Favorite MBG Custom Levels
These levels are graded based on how much I enjoyed them and the waves of nostalgia they brought me. Most of these are older levels.

20. A Day at Work by Ian

A classic level that is very fun to play. It's levels like these that need to be made more often.

19. Pandora's Box by Pablo

A difficult level with some of the best interior design I've ever seen.

18. Bowl by Maximumspazz

In this level, you get to pick one of three paths that lead you to the finish. I like to take the middle one because it is the quickest and easiest.

17. Gyrocopter Monster Course by Matan

I've always kinda liked this one even though it was very difficult. It's fun using the gyrocopter in several different ways you won't find in most courses with gyrocopters.

16. The Ultimate Race by Technostick

The moving wall platform is the only reason why this made the list.

15. Challenge Tower by Phil

A simple but challenging course for those who don't want to be called a noob, even though this game has been dead for years.

14. The Ascension by Various

It's a good community group level, I like the different challenges, but I feel like you can just easily skip all the challenges by just using the super jump which pretty much ruins the fun of this level.

13. Stronghold by Oakster

A classic level, much better than the Advanced level Battlements. However, the end is extremely difficult and if you screw up once you're done. One of the hardest levels I've played.

12. Godfort by Rory Duffy

This is how gem collection levels should be made. It only uses default interiors (excluding the trees) and in the best way possible, to make it look like it's own level.

11. Construction Zone by Tech Geek

One of the most original levels on this list. He takes some of the best levels from the original game, then makes it look like they're a work in progress.

10. School of Doom (Ian's Version) by Ian

Both versions are good but Ian's is the better one. I never liked school, and this level pretty much defines how many kids think of school. This is a very fun and nostalgic level for me.

9. Beyond by Henry

Back in the day, it was the longest and most epic levels that I liked, usually the ones with 100+ default interiors. This pretty much defines that. It brings a lot of nostalgic memories. This was my favorite back in the day and it's still one of them today. I also like how he made everything red in this level, one thing that makes this level stand out. I also like how you can't just take shortcuts and win in less than 10 seconds.

8. Space Chase Race by Jayar

One of my favorite speed levels. I like the interior they made for this one. Much better than in Platinumquest or MBPlatinum. The original textures were the best.

7. Ultima Line by Xelna

It is one of the most enjoyable levels and very original, but the ramp at the beginning pisses me off. Otherwise, this is top 3 material.

6. Evil Ian's Castle by Ian

Almost everything about this level is good. The interior design is the best in any level, It has enough challenge and length in order to be enjoyable, and the overall dark atmosphere just makes it one of the greatest quality levels in the game. It literally feels like you're about to battle Bowser.

5. The Suicide Slide by Jayar

One of the most nostalgic levels. I used to enjoy playing this level when I was 7 years old after school every day I would play this game and it brings back the nostalgia. The best part was the end.

4. The Ultimate Friction Challenge by Andrew Sears

One of the hardest levels I played. It's harder than the MBP version because it has no checkpoints, but is even more enjoyable on MBG. The challenges are very difficult and unique. The best ultimate _____ challenge level I've played.

3. Fast Trak by MaximumSpazz

The Ultimate Speed Level of Nostalgia. Enough said.

2. Interdimensional Rifts by Various

This level is the most original level I've played, and a much better level than The Ascension. In the level you enter 8 different portals that lead to different worlds, each of them giving a unique feel to the level. Interdimensional Rift's 8 challenges define everything I have ever enjoyed about the game. Of the different challenges, my favorites include Andrew Sear's Castle Raid, Jase's Community, Tech Geek's Pipe-O-Rama, Matan's Tunnel Vision, and Pershingflames's Realm of Serendipity. It's literally 8 different levels built into one.

1. Chevy's Biggest Finalest Unbeatable Challenge of Advanced by Chevy

The most nostalgic custom levels are usually the ones that have the default interiors that bring us back to our earliest memories of playing the game. Chevy made 3 different challenges, also a beginner and intermediate one, but the advanced one was my favorite, because it had the best levels. Levels like Ordeal, Tightrope, Eye of the Storm, and Under Construction were fun levels I played back before I even knew what a custom level was. This is the ultimate definition of the Marble Blast Gold I remember.

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