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14 Jul 2018 20:58 - 01 Aug 2019 20:57 #1 by Isoplere(Jiquor)
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15 Jul 2018 01:18 #2 by QwertyQwertz
Replied by QwertyQwertz on topic Marble Blast STOP II - Feedback
Here's some feedback:

Make it so you can tell the difference between good and bad time travels, and make it so some easier levels don't require guessing.
There are some bugs with invisible trim, some you can fall through.
Fix Hoops in Hoops III.
Kickers are able to be clipped through.
Make cannon's cannonballs disappear when restarting the level.
Add Out of Bounds area to Outpost.
Make Teapot Field have less grass/easier to find teapots/less teapots.
Remove some objects in Super Freefall.
You can clip through the ground in Summer Fun.
Some of the triggers on 'Escape the House' are too small.
Double check some stop times, and maybe ask the community for help with it.
Checkpoints are just white (Not sure if they're textured)
You aren't able to play Expert levels when you've finished with Advanced.

Sorry that I showed a lot, but I want to help you as much as possible :)

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15 Jul 2018 06:27 #3 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic Marble Blast STOP II - Feedback

QwertyQwertz wrote:
Add Out of Bounds area to Outpost.

I already made several changes to this level (including adding a bounds trigger) and sent Jiquor the updated .mis, so it's on him for releasing the next update for the game.

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15 Jul 2018 19:09 #4 by Derpking
Replied by Derpking on topic Marble Blast STOP II - Feedback
I've played through a lot of the levels in MBSTOPII by now and I have to say that I've grown to like it more over time. You should feel really proud of the fact that you actually released a mod this large. A lot of levels explore some interesting ideas and have some pretty cool scenery. The music in the game is especially great.

Now, I'm going to give you some advice which should be pretty actionable for you. I think that you need to entirely drop this attitude you seem to have where you think that annoying the player is fun. The biggest example where I see this is with Secondglasses. In Tutorial 4 (Time to Qualify), you introduce Secondglasses to the player. However the Secondglass closest to the Go pad (i.e. the first one I tried to get) is a fake, and you directly insult the player for picking up negative Secondglasses (e.g. one of them says "+5 seconds. Bad judgment call!"). Insulting the player like this in a tutorial level is not fun and gives them an extremely bad impression of the rest of the mod. And it's extremely condescending to say that the player made a bad judgment call when it's impossible to know whether a Secondglass is fake or negative without attempting to get it first. You also even say "Annoyed yet?" when you try to get one of the fake Secondglasses in the level, which is a really good way to just make someone stop playing your game completely. I honestly think that fake Secondglasses need to be removed from the game altogether, because they're often put in spots which are hard to reach and they waste my time. Intentionally upsetting players and wasting their time does not make the game fun for anyone except you.

I see this attitude in other things too though. Many levels use "no jumping" floors and I personally think that they are not fun in general. (I have disliked almost every level that uses them.) Don't arbitrarily restrict what I can do - much of the fun in Marble Blast is finding new and clever ways to use the game's mechanics to complete levels faster. Some levels also hide teapots in really obscure places or make them blend in with the background. This is also not fun for me. And some levels are just plain inconsistent, e.g. The Stolen Truck has invisible walls around 3 of the sides but an OOB trigger on the 4th. Don't toy with player expectations like that.

Please, whatever you do, always try to put the player first in your level design and design levels so that they're fun to people who don't know them as well as you do.

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13 Sep 2018 19:09 #5 by main_gi
Replied by main_gi on topic Marble Blast STOP II - Feedback
Level mod (this is pre-1.1 update) for the impatient like me who would manually remove all the TT's first for the better experience. For obvious reasons this disqualifies you on world records for many levels.

On a side note, I've expressed this a year ago and will express it again: variable TT's are just as bad for player experience as negative TT's because of information loss. Even when removing all negative and fake TT's, there's still the chance I can spend more time overall to take a TT than the TT is worth (say, 3s to take a 0.75s TT). This is in PQ too and is just as annoying.

Also, I enjoyed a large portion of the levels I saw while playing (played all of the Beginner levels and only a few Intermediate ones). I don't like the forced linearity though, where I only have the option to play one new level at a time. This wasn't that annoying because I liked the levels, but then having to come to a hidden object level (the 8 gems in tall grass one for example) slowed the progress and flow significantly. I think the 1.1 changes are very good otherwise.

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