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07 Jan 2019 12:46 #1 by Isoplere(Jiquor)
Marble Blast STOP II 1.1 - News and Views was created by Isoplere(Jiquor)
This is going to be a pretty short post.

After more than five months of testing individual levels, new team members and awesome suggestions from the community, along with support from friends, family and my significant other, we're pleased to announce that a new, improved and breathtaking version of Marble Blast STOP II is on the horizon! The new version of Marble Blast STOP II will be released on January 19th, 2019 which is Saturday.

A. Some important things you should know:
1. Many levels have been edited, removed, and added to the game. In short, there are now 141 levels in the new version compared to the 266 originally offered in Marble Blast STOP II 1.0.
I. Along with that, the most of the five months spent time individually testing levels, and running through the game at least four times. We also had playtesters that I know personally while this update was happening.

2. We've considered and listened to your suggestions -- some of them made it in, some of them didn't. We've got new textures, new shapes, reduced marble costs, more Pentagons, a "Pathfinding Mode" for all you Speedrunners out there, and much more incredible content suggested by the STOP II Discord and members of this community!

3. Teapots now have "Beacons" on them (tubular cylinders that cast over the teapot, shooting into the sky to indicate where the Teapots are.) However, Silver Teapots have sphere beacons on them (this is so they look better inside Bumper Rings or if you're completing a Puzzle-Themed level)

4. The game is much easier, and has been confirmed possible three times to beat every single thing in the game. However, we're not robots, we're humans, and we all make mistakes. With that said, you can email (address coming soon) and message Isoplere on Discord (just ask for the server invite!) to suggest ideas, report a problem or a texturing error. Please note: Some texturing errors to some do not mean they are actually texturing errors. Remember: We listen to your suggestions and consider them, but we have the final say.

Finally, here's the new trailer of the game! If you want to view more recent Forum Posts on Marble Blast STOP II, you can also check out these links below.

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Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.

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