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14 Apr 2019 23:07 - 01 Aug 2019 20:56 #1 by Isoplere
(edited to only contain this information)
I am happy to announce that Marble Blast STOP (the first game) will get an HD Renovation.
There is no release date. But don't expect anything until mid-late 2020.

Contents of STOP: HD Renovation will contain the following, but not all are listed here:
- Become a small modification containing a total of 50 levels instead of the 170+ available.
- Serious building, texturing and shape changes, fixes and implementations.
- Different and new kinds of shading for the game, including game ambient.
- New, simple interactive user-interface.
- Fun animations and interactions with hazards and power-ups.
- The 'Replay Centre'
- 'Super STOP' and more Power-ups.
- 'Kickers' and more Hazards.
- Music featured by hPerks and Tails19935!

The reason for STOP II needing a remaster is because-well, there are so many errors present on the game and I think with effort and persistence we will be able to create a better version of the game than what is currently presented. I mean, you can blame for the mess I made with the first STOP Modification, but you can't blame that I was a youth who had no idea how to modify games like this in the first place. After hard training, lots of work and persistence, I think we're ready to remaster the first project into something truly amazing. With so much positive feedback to STOP II, we think we're ready to make this last modification. Then it'll definitely be time for me to move to working on my own projects with other folks, away from modifications to pre-existing games.



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