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20 Nov 2019 10:50 - 20 Nov 2019 10:52 #1 by Isoplere(Jiquor)
I want to thank the community. Please read. was created by Isoplere(Jiquor)
Before I begin, I encourage everyone to read this post all the way through, because I've got many important things to mention. At the time of writing this post, I don't know how long this post would actually be because I have so much going on in my mind, and from reading feedback via Discord and through personal messages, I want to express some points that I strongly want to share with the community.

First of all, I am sure some of you remember my rant about Matan after the STOP II stream he shared (which is now taken down), which also included collecting thoughts from the community between 2017 and 2018. First of all, I hope his attention is brought to this post, either by him or by someone else.
I have come to say that I cannot be mad at him anymore, and I forgive him for the stream. In fact, that's why I've slowly become more open with the community-I feel like I can trust many people here again. In fact, even though I put so much pressure on what happened, that actually (sorta) inspired me to become stronger and show that I can make improvements to this project with the rest of the STOP II team. I can say that so far, many of us have been successful, and I feel like I would not be continuing this project if it weren't for what I had seen and what I had heard.
There are some users who said that he had apologized on the Discord, but I cannot find where, and if anyone knows where or when, please show me, as I never received a former apology, but I still forgive him either way because the stream is gone and others shared thoughts about it after reading my rant on the community and towards Matan. At times, I still wish there was more constructive feedback across the community, but I have noticed that has become better and better for everyone. That, is what truly makes me happy, and what truly inspires me to continue a modification of this wonderful gem.

I should admit to everyone, something else. The first modification, Marble Blast STOP, was actually not meant to be a project for the Marble Blast Community. It was meant to be something in which my family and friends would play because in the family the game runs high in all of us. Then, I learned no 'new modification' had been uploaded during that time, and so I consulted HiGuy, and here I was again after many years. Although the project was truly terrible, that was still the starting road for me modifying anything aside from using the Level Editor years ago to make levels for my family and friends, but not uploaded to the community. Those levels are long gone, but my experience with this has taught me a lot and has helped me become a better team member, level builder, and even coder, thanks to Whirligig for his continued, persistent efforts to help me when I didn't understand anything. To this day, I can say I am a better coder, thanks to him. To this day, I can say I am an excellent level builder, getting better and better thanks to Nockess, family and friends, and even general members of the community. To this day, I've become a better team member and builder thanks to experience working on Marble Blast STOP II, my greatest project ever outside any platform, like ROBLOX or BrickPlanet.

Recently, I have noticed a surge in praise for the development Marble Blast STOP II has been through as of recent, and I can only tell you that in my opinion it's going to become better and better from here, but it's obviously far away from PlatinumQuest (well, any modification is, really, but I give Marble Blast Powered Up a grand exception, which is what inspired me to start STOP II in the first place). I get it, though, there are still some changes you guys want to see and while ultimately we are the team that has the final say in a decision, just like any other game developer, we are truly viewing your suggestions and taking them into consideration, along with the fact that many suggestions submitted by you guys have been built into the game for the better and for the benefit of the doubt that we do take suggestions into account.

When I release Update 1.3 in the near future, I want to hear as many constructive suggestions as possible. I really appreciate all the praise lately but I still feel I haven't done enough. That's where the community comes in, especially now that I feel I can trust them again to be nicer to me during my time of improvement. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and the constructive criticism. This sort of thing is why I've returned. I don't know when I'll be done, but improvements and stage changes, which include scenery, are being revamped for the better of this project.

I also want to confess that 1.3 is the last major update of Marble Blast STOP II that is taking place, aside from any minor fixes or changes people really want to say. I want to make room for other projects, perhaps creating something new, even easier, better, and eye-catching than STOP II as a whole, or completely remastering the first Marble Blast STOP, into a mini-mod and not a full scale game. Maybe one day...

Finally, I want to thank a few people:
First off, Matan for his informal apology, which included the takedown of the Stream. By Update 1.3, I feel as if I would like to see him stream the game again. I've sustained much thicker skin since the last time, but that doesn't mean a repeat of last time is necessary. Remember: constructive criticism is what helps game makers thrive, and listen to suggestions.
Second off, Nockess for various improvements, suggestions, interior corrections, and the like for various stages in the game, all which have seen improvements for the last few months. Things keep getting better and better, and we think you will all like Update 1.3.
Third off, I want to thank hPerks and Tails19935 for the awesome soundtrack that many people love and enjoy, which can arguably be considered as one of the best features in the game. You two are truly awesome.
Fourth off, eBlu for the wonderful textures, Ralph for some sound and graphic ideas, all which have taken other forms that are nice to the ears and easy on the eyes.
Fifth off, I want to thank players, such as MBCollector672, Nutmegg, Mike, and many others for enjoying many things about the game since the last update, and for offering some great suggestions. From the rest of the community, please send more of them my way.

Accept some sneak peeks for 1.3 as shown here. imgur.com/a/z5jecr3

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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