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25 Apr 2017 17:09 - 25 Apr 2017 19:43 #1 by Isoplere
Clarifications about MBStop II was created by Isoplere
Some of you being picky and complaining about my work (you know who you are.) obviously need a clarification about what's going to be present in MBSTOP II. I'll be leaking more information based on different kinds of levels, but I'm still leaving a lot of them secret for now.

Otherwise, here's the key features that I need to clarify here:
There will be six Tutorial Levels, which are COMPLETELY optional to play.
That means: These levels will NOT have any:
- hidden secrets
- Yield/STOP Times
- Octagons
This game is going to be released on the Forums, but I'm also distributing it on other sites for people who might have an interest in this mod.
How are the Tutorial levels optional? They are (in word, TRULY optional). When you launch the game, you will be taken to Beginner Level I, but you will also find a Tutorial Section to the left of the Beginner section. In the description for the first Beginner level, there is a clear statement that says "If you don't know how to play Marble Blast yet, go check the Tutorial Section first." The Tutorial section is NOT REQUIRED to complete the whole game. If you need a refresher on different hazards and/or if you need to review certain things before you begin playing, you may play the Tutorial Section. :)
Added to that, there are:
- 100 Beginner Levels
- 100 Intermediate Levels
- 75 Advanced Levels
- 50 Expert Levels
- 25 Ultimate Levels (because who the hell can come up with 100 Ultimates and be unique with the challenges? Am I right? :P)
Which brings the grand total level count to 350 levels, plus 6 optional Tutorial levels.

- Some of the floor textures are messing with people's eyes, and they are beginning to mess with mine - mainly the ones that are starting to bother me are the textues with black corners. I've fixed those today and will be uploading examples late this evening.
- When it comes to texturing errors present in the game, I need your guys' help! If you see any texture that looks like might be an error when you play the game, you may send a message of the texturing error to a future email I will be creating when the game releases. That way, we can all work together to eliminate all the texturing flaws! =)

All other information is kept hidden.

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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