file Final Intermediate Level Leak!

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28 May 2017 07:31 - 28 May 2017 07:34 #1 by Isoplere
Final Intermediate Level Leak! was created by Isoplere
Will leak Advanced Levels when some are ready!
(and possibly create a Livestream on Twitch when I have the free time.)

Otherwise, please welcome Intermediate Level 33: Drawbacks!

This texture originally belongs to MBP and it's fellow curator(s) entitled.
I have taken it and modified this texture, especially since I feel it's a *really cool looking* texture.
I've made fair and QUALITY use of it. Don't fear, don't hate.

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Nockess, CylinderKnot

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03 Jun 2017 16:52 #2 by Xedron
Replied by Xedron on topic Final Intermediate Level Leak!
Seems like you are improving at level creating more and more as you keep making progress on this mod. Definitely a big step up from the original. Looking forward to this.

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017

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03 Jun 2017 17:09 #3 by Ralph
Replied by Ralph on topic Final Intermediate Level Leak!
Despite the fact that you should do some little improvements on the texturing, the major improvement I can note is truly you level-building skills, they seem like exponentially growing! Keep that up, dude!

(Did I mention I PM'd you new things?)

You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure Marble Blast isn't one of 'em.

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