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file I can't do it.

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06 Apr 2015 04:27 - 06 Apr 2015 04:32 #1 by Eguy
I can't do it. was created by Eguy
Looks like the MP gods don't want me to beat Frosty on Archi, his best map.

First close time: Sometime in February, I was beating Frosty and FOUR OTHER players by SIXTEEN points with one minute left. Then, well, you know. Frostyham. Lost by ten-ish points.

Second close time: I was playing it with Frosty and HiGuy sometime in February. HiGuy went UTTER HAM and pounded us both. I was down by four points with like four seconds left. Instead of ramming into the last blue, i rolled right into a pole or something and lost the blue to HiGuy.

Third close time: Oy oy oy. I was playing it with him and Kalle today, and I was completely outplaying Frosty. Then, typical Frosty style, it was tied-ish with like five seconds left. AAAND he got a blue right below him. I knew I was losing that game though because I don't win drama games like that.


On a awesome random side note, baseball season is starting tmrw!!!!!!!!!!! :D go a's and giants

"it's the internet eguy. where children are men. men are monkeys, and women are PQ."
-Jeff 2014
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