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09 Nov 2016 17:10 - 28 Sep 2018 16:06 #1 by Nockess
[11/09/16] Post-Election Acceptance was created by Nockess
November 9th, 2016

One more comment which I'm bringing to here and then I'm done for this election cycle. Everyone I know - EVERYONE - who voted for Clinton has talked about how terrible Trump is - and I categorically agree - but many of them have also rained down insults - and some really foul ones - on anyone who voted for him. (And I'll admit to having done some of that too.)

Here's the thing: THAT SERVES NO PURPOSE. For every one of us who is sad and scared and appalled this morning, one of our fellow Americans - our FELLOW AMERICANS - would have been sad and scared and appalled if Hillary had won. It is human nature, especially in a case like this, to believe that people who think like us are "right" and people who don't think like us are "wrong". But thinking differently from how you think doesn't mean someone is wrong - it only means they think differently, and they're entitled to do that.

So to everyone out there who feels like they lost last night... be sad, be scared, be appalled... I'm right there with you. But keep an open mind about your fellow Americans. Don't talk about what "stupid ignorant f*cks" they are (and that's SO not the worst I've heard) - try to understand what in their experience led them to vote for this man. Why do they feel so unhappy or abused or disenfranchised? What do they need? How can we all help EVERYONE feel good about our country, our government, our leader?

Work to bring people together, not drive them apart. That's what got us into this fix in the first place. Don't be part of the problem. Help find a solution, and looking down our noses at the half of the country who disagreed with us is NOT a solution.

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