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31 May 2016 23:35 #1 by hPerks
May 31, 2016 - Let's do this was created by hPerks
Hey, welcome to the Perk Pages! I'll try to post here pretty regularly (maybe about twice a week) with updates about the goings-on in my life, things I'm working on, or just stuff I'm thinking about at the time. Hopefully there will be some interesting material here from all three of those categories.

A little bit about me I guess. I'm a college student pursuing a computer science degree. In my free time (which I'll have a lot of during the next few months) I enjoy writing music, playing piano, coding, creative writing, Marble Blast (of course), and I've recently taken up the hobby of just sitting around doing nothing in particular.

I'm hoping this blog might somehow motivate me to get off my lazy butt and be productive this summer, as it will most likely be the last free summer break I have until after I get my degree. Starting next year I'll probably be enrolled in a university co-op program, taking up a couple part-time jobs and internships during the months that I don't have school.

Right now I've been making a few bucks by busking down at the waterfront on my little 61-key electric piano -- I hope to be doing that a lot more once the weather gets nicer. Occasionally, my younger sister (a singer) joins me down there to busk together -- last summer, we prepared a repertoire of about 30 pop songs that she would sing while I provided accompaniment (we split the profits equally of course).

Along with that, I have a couple other goals for this summer which I may or may not change depending on how the mood takes me:

- Get back into JavaScript, and create/publish a few little web apps.
- Sift through the >25 hours of raw piano improv I have recorded and compile the best ideas.
- Write a new piano piece or two, most likely based on some of those ideas.

Sounds ambitious? Well, it probably is for my standards. But we'll see how it goes, I guess.

You'll also probably see a bit of my personal side at times. Nothing too major; my life is pretty sweet right about now, so don't worry about getting all bummed out reading my posts. ;) But occasionally I may a few (relatively uninformed) thoughts about some topic in philosophy, politics, or just something in my life, that I feel are worth posting -- you'll just have to bear with me for that stuff, I guess.

Anyway, I hope you find it all interesting enough. Stay tuned! ;)

(Also, you'll see a lot of the wink emoji. This is a good substitute for the ability to actually use diction to establish a lighthearted tone. ;))

(Also, you'll see a lot of self-deprecating meta-humour. ;))

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