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21 Jun 2016 00:07 #1 by hPerks
So I decided about a week ago, following the relative success of Connect Plus and Masterword, that I would start work on remaking one of my old, unfinished, Game Maker games as a web app. And rather than just working on it by myself and having to come up with yet more things to put in this blog, I decided I would just post periodic updates on my progress, both in trailer and playable form. (Let's call it me hopping onto the "extreme programming" bandwagon. ;))

Well... here's the first update! The game's called Stan's Formation, and it's basically a 2D platformer exploration-type game inspired by Kirby and Super Mario Galaxy. The player can go behind curtains and change into various costumes, each of which gives them a certain powerup.

This week I got the basic mechanics down, worked on the graphics (some of which was imported straight from the old version of the game) and introduced two of the many costumes (powerups) I hope to include. Here's a little preview of all that, if you're interested:

A few things were awkward about the migration from Game Maker, but mostly it was quite a welcome convenience. For one thing, my code back then was extremely messy, and I had actually built the game off of someone else's platformer engine (which was also quite messy). There's also of course the huge benefits of moving to an actual object-oriented environment, as well as being able to use my handy dandy Javascript games library again.

Unfortunately I couldn't find my most recent update to the Game Maker version of the game - I think it was on my very old hand-me-down laptop which has since died a rather overdue death. I remember developing the plotline quite a bit in that version, including an opening cutscene which took FOREVER to make. So I'll have to do it all over again for that stuff, including the graphics (which I'm comparatively bad at).

My priorities for now, however, will probably be (1) a level editor, so I don't have to make the levels manually with JSON, and (2) just, you know, continuing with making the first level. In the meantime, you can play the first bit of the level on my website here - if you're looking for a good 3 minutes or so of gameplay that you'll never get back :P

something about little perky tables being able to use analytics to track your IPs and spy on you in your sleep

In other news, today I won first and second prize in a provincial music competition for my two most recent classical pieces! I've been mulling over posting that stuff here, but I might like to get some decent live recordings first - they're a little too much for my 61-key electric piano to handle. Or I could just post the synthesized versions. We'll see how the mood takes me, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, I hope to keep you posted on all that, but for now, I'm off to go beg people for more thank yous, see ya later :)

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