file June 24, 2016 - My old level ideas, part 2

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24 Jun 2016 20:52 #1 by hPerks
Been a slow couple of days, so I figured I'd post a couple more of my old level ideas that were unfinished and/or deemed not good/original enough to publish. If you haven't already, you can go and read this post for more details.

Mutual Symbiosis
This one was intended to be a multiplayer brawl-style survival map, involving players trying to knock each other off the platform while avoiding the obstacles and trying to collect the most gems. Powerups could be used as weapons or as defences (for example you could keep a superjump with you to save yourself if you got blasted off). It was abandoned because of the lack of original ideas (considering there have been about 10 platform-survival levels by now). Also I had to kick myself every time I put another dang brown spiky pillar in there - I need to get better at doing scenery :P

Also featuring some weird glitches with powerup noises and mega marbles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Specific Gravity
This is the oldest one of the bunch, from summer 2015, and it's one I'd like to remake pretty soon. The idea was you can play it with any gravity setting you want, and the challenges should be balanced for each. The relative strengths and weaknesses of each gravity setting would be highlighted. I felt like it was poorly-executed and I can do it better, but that will be for later. In particular, I think it's too shortcut-prone and a lot of the intended challenges of the level can be skipped pretty easily, especially on low-gravity settings. I'd like to make it more of a closed, walled structure when I redo it.

Hopefully I can salvage something out of these ideas (and those from last week), but for now, enjoy!

The game is coming along slowly - the level editor is now semi-functional, and I should have an update on that for next time. I've also been writing some new instrumental music (GB6 randomly started working again), as well as practicing piano for my upcoming busking dates at the farmer's market (see this post for more information on that). But I've still found enough time to hang out on Discord for hours every day, so who am I to complain ;)

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! :)

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