Marble Blast Platinum came out on December 23rd, 2007, by a small group of 11 community members who have worked tirelessly for 13 months. Back then it contained 120 new levels (and 27 more Director's Cut levels) which challenged many even to this day, and quickly became Marble Blast Gold's first full-scale modification. What it turned out to be 10 years later was far beyond anyone's imagination.

As one of the co-leaders of this successful mod, I'd like to thank not only the many staff and developers through the last decade, who spent countless hours and nights to create a small wonder, but also the community. Thanks to your constant support and feedback we kept on developing this mod for all these years and further establish it to be a central part of this wonderful game.

Ten years after the original 1.00 release, we now take for granted what once was an impossible dream: Leaderboards, Multiplayer, a new Shader Engine, an Engine Extension mod, almost 4,000 custom levels, new powerups, features and content that would have made anyone 10 years ago cry with absolute joy.

To all of you, thank you for sticking with us for all these years.

Happy Marble Blasting,

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Horiana replied the topic: #1 20 Apr 2018 00:28
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Josep_Nollette replied the topic: #2 27 Dec 2017 00:25
(Apologies for any double-post. If my other post comes up, feel free to delete this one.)
My first experience with Marble Blast as a whole was on February 4, 2007 at OMSI. Well, TBH that was only the day I learned the game's name; at previous visits to OMSI I saw the game being played by someone. Coming from a fascination with 2D platformers, I really wanted to know the name of this brand-spanking new 3D game so I could play it myself someday.
After finding the name of the game, I left it alone until about a month later, when I looked it up again and wanted to play it on my Dad's computer. He downloaded the demo for me and I was instantly hooked. However, I felt something to be a bit off; many of the levels I played at OMSI weren't in that version of the game, and hence there weren't any mines or tornadoes. Dad understood my concern and bought the full version for me.
That summer, I wandered into YouTube and found gameplay videos of Marble Blast. I eventually learned about Marble Blast Platinum. What struck me in awe weren't so much the new level designs as the newer, flashier graphics. I thought it was a whole new ball game. After learning about the name, I looked up the Squidoo article and learned about all the new things that'd be coming soon. I even made myself a little manual complete with an anthropomorphic marble!
During the time I waited for MBP to come out, I expected for the game to look like how it was in the gameplay videos; I expected the "fried-egg" skybox, MBG-style (albeit orange) GUI, and levels without decorative-yet-intrusive pillars (I didn't care if they were LE'ed or QuARKed, since I didn't know the difference). While the demo didn't satisfy two of said criteria (and some others too), I nonetheless didn't care and enjoyed it.
(Funny story: one time before 1.00 came out, I had a dream where I was playing a level, and one part of the level was a yellow loop infested with nukes. My 8-year-old self for some reason developed this gut feeling that the use of hazardous explosives would make the game "too violent".)
Eventually the full game came out in time for Christmas. While the inclusion of checkpoints, trophies and a marble selector were welcomed, however, many of the things I expected weren't really there anymore. But I didn't mind since, hey, it's the full version. At least the old version seen in the videos would be released nearly nine years later.
Between the day I saw the first PlatinumQuest trailer and the day the demo came out, I sometimes had dreams of what PlatinumQuest (and future versions) would be like. One dream had the player collect all the fruit in each level instead of gems, with each level simply ending after all the fruit are gone. Another dream would tilt the level when the marble moved (like Super Monkey Ball, Kororinpa and Mercury Meltdown). Another dream used new powerups such as a weakened Gyrocopter. Most of the time, however, I simply stopped caring about Marble Blast as I focused on other things such as my own CGI-animated YouTube series "Philly McKee".
Eventually the full game came out in July 2017. Seven years after it was announced. The rest is history.
Thanks, Matan, for your expertise. You and your team have given us amazing experiences we won't forget.
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eNetro replied the topic: #3 26 Dec 2017 22:51
I was first introduced to Marble Blast back in 2009 from YouTube. So I downloaded MBG, and immediately I was so into the game. I later heard of Marble Blast Platinum; however, I had trouble installing it until December 2010 when MBP 1.20 released for the Mac. When I first played it, I found the levels (even the beginner ones) very tricky for a player new to the game. When 1.50 was released in 2014, I was excited to play MBU in Platinum as I had never played Ultra levels before, and I beat all of them easily. In 2017, I eventually beat all 120 official levels in Platinum under the Platinum Time and earned a colored username! At the same year, PQ was released, and I managed to beat all official levels under the Ultimate Time! I have come a long way in playing MB, and I am truly impressed how capable the Marble Blast engine really is such as multiplayer mode and shaders! I hope 2018 will shape PQ even further!