Hey folks!

Thank you again for everyone that was able to join us for this year's Labor Day Madness celebration! We gave our servers quite the assault this afternoon, and we even identified and ironed out some deficiencies in our code base to further improve the performance and stability of Marble Blast!

We plan on hosting a few more events in the near future, so stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks!

This year, our turnout was much greater than anticipated, which resulted in several crashes, unstable games, and lots of exciting errors! We apologize for the trouble, so as a "Thank You" for your complications, we've awarded every participant with the exclusive "Laggy" prefix, which you can apply to your account from your User Profile.

Our chain of events went a bit unscripted this year to accommodate some of the challenges we encountered. We started off with a few custom Hunt levels before transitioning to a few favored classics, such as Sprawl and Horizon. We managed to even sneak a few Mega Marble War games into the mix to offer players some variety.

Due to popular demand, we also managed a 23 player Battlecube Finale Co-Op mission, where our group managed to collectively earn a record-shattering time!

After attempting a few more custom missions, we decided to attempt a large co-operative play through of the original Marble Blast Gold levels, rather than waiting for loading bars and game crashes. While we only managed to collectively progress through 51 of the original Marble Blast Gold levels (including all Beginner and Intermediate levels), you all made a profound impact on the Co-Operative leaderboard, by collectively attaining 36 Co-Op World Records in the process!

Check out some of our action shots below!


The original Example Mission!

A classic round of Sprawl

Players having a grand time on a Mega Marble War version of King of the Ring

An explosive round of Eye of the Storm: Mega Marble War edition

Marbles trying out a new Mega Marble War level: Skate Park

An amazing feat of teamwork and collaboration scored this time on Battlecube Finale!

We hope you all had a great time this afternoon - we look forward to hosting this crazy event next year, along with some other events planned in-between!

Lastly, feel free to share any screenshots or videos of the event in the comments below!


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Nockess's Avatar
Nockess replied the topic: #1 10 Sep 2018 01:35
Oh yeah I did this too

Yoshicraft224's Avatar
Yoshicraft224 replied the topic: #2 04 Sep 2018 00:19
Don't forget our Grand Finale, which turned out to be over 200 Grand Finales...
Three's Avatar
Three replied the topic: #3 04 Sep 2018 00:15
Never forget: a record on Arctic Inferno that will never be shattered.