macOS Catalina was released this Monday and has removed support for 32-bit applications. Marble Blast, and by extension, PlatinumQuest, will not run on macOS Catalina. If you want to continue playing Marble Blast on macOS, do not update past macOS Mojave.

Future builds of PlatinumQuest will continue to support the same versions of macOS (10.7 - 10.14) but if you update your computer there are a few alternative ways to play:

  • Install a Windows Virtual Machine and play the Windows version of PlatinumQuest.
  • Install a Linux Virtual Machine and play the Windows version via WinE or Proton.
  • Hopefully in time, CodeWeavers will update WinE on macOS to support running 32-bit programs.

Thanks for playing with us for all these years. We'll let you know if we add support for running PlatinumQuest on macOS Catalina.

- HiGuy

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superstar64's Avatar
superstar64 replied the topic: #1 28 Mar 2020 02:41
If you want to run Marble Blast on Catalina, I'd just recommend you throw together a Mojave virtual machine or a Windows virtual machine using your virtualization software of choice. I didn't actually do that because my Windows 10 machine runs just fine, but it's probably your best bet.
HiGuy's Avatar
HiGuy replied the topic: #2 28 Mar 2020 00:02
Yes, as of a few months ago CrossOver added support for 32-bit windows applications, including Marble Blast. If you want to spend $40-$60 on it (or attempt to get the free version working), then you should be able to play Marble Blast. Note this is not a supported configuration at this time so support will be limited.
goforthefiles's Avatar
goforthefiles replied the topic: #3 27 Mar 2020 19:13
I think you will be able to run the Windows versions on Mac using Windows Is Not An Emulator (AKA wine) wine lets you open Windows apps on unix software (Linux, Mac OS X)