If you're a new visitor you might think this community is inactive, but we mostly moved away from the good ol' days of the forums, though they do see some activity.

After registering on the website, the Community tab on the top bar gives you direct access to the Forums, the Webchat (PlatinumQuest Online chat) and a direct link to join our Discord community server, with more than 300 members, variety of channels to chat on and a cool assortment of memes emojis.


Credits to FlavoredSaucer for the squishy marble gif. You should check out more of his work on the discord server!

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SpriteMarble's Avatar
SpriteMarble replied the topic: #1 28 Dec 2020 06:26
That marble... MMMM!
Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #2 13 Dec 2020 17:16
I feel personally called out by this news post so maybe I'll join for a few weeks once final exams are over.
SerjG2005's Avatar
SerjG2005 replied the topic: #3 06 Dec 2020 15:35
What about Yahoo Messenger?:lol: