In July 2017 PlatinumQuest was released to the world. Runners from around the globe started competing for the fastest times right away. Records were set, new routes and tweaks were found, records were destroyed again and again. Everyone worked tirelessly to make sure this rampage is as good as it could be by utilizing all the fastest strategies and tricks. Now, after 4 long years, it’s finally here!!! This is the biggest world record rampage yet, with 31 runners and over 200 world records. 

PQWRR is split into 10 videos: Tutorial, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Bonus, Hunt, 100% Quota, Nest Eggs, and Bloopers which will be released over 10 days, starting on December 22nd 2021 and finishing on December 31st 2021.

We hope you enjoy!


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Connie replied the topic: #1 19 Jun 2022 13:53
I love Marble Blast
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Aran_Ryans replied the topic: #2 19 Jun 2022 13:42
I love Marble Blast