MBP 1.50 Beta 1.5 has been launched for Windows and Mac. No installers for Windows this time, but there is one for Mac. No universal binary due to no PPC support for installer at this point in time.
Windows users: Follow the instructions set out in the download. If you already have Beta 1, delete platinumbeta directory and main.cs and extract the new ones in their place. Don't think about overwriting files because we changed a fair bit of them.

Please note that we would like all of you to help us hunt down the bugs. The console.log will display errors during MultiPlayer gameplay when you play with others, including where the CRC fails. We would like you to send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. these console.log files so we can figure out what is going on. We would like to remind people that using Ctrl+T will make the trace mode come on. During trace mode the console.log will spam a lot of debug data which we will use to figure out why some bugs occur. Please note that it's preferable if you only give it short bursts because it will crash your game if you leave it on for too long. Start the trace before you kickstart the bug you want to show us, and stop it a bit after the bug occurs.

Also, it is recommended that you compress your trace logs (zip/7z recommended), as they can become quite large very quickly.
Remember for Multiplayer you need to port forward port 28000. Check out http://portforward.com/ if you need help.

Bugs fixed in this beta:
- Server should be faster due to less queries. We hope so.
- Multiplayer now ignores any CRC errors encountered, and allows you to join others.
- Spectator mode now hides gems on radar
- Multiplayer screen only selecting the first server
- Fixed only 10 scores appearing in SP leaderboards
- Displaying usernames instead of display names in many cases
- Sort of fixed webchat. Not completely, but progress++
- "Cancel" button on joining server
- Double users (webchat and ingame) acting buggy
- Sorting the server list rearranging the icons
- Way too much server pinging
- Dedicated/incorrect passwords not working
- Spectator Mode no longer requires double clicking between matches

the Platinum Team

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IsraeliRD's Avatar
IsraeliRD replied the topic: #1 28 Jan 2014 05:40
Try and download from the alternative download links we provided in Beta 2.
predamonk's Avatar
predamonk replied the topic: #2 20 Jan 2014 00:07
I, too, get the following error when trying to open/extract 1.50:

! C:\Users\Beckie\Downloads\marble_blast_platinum_1.50_beta_1.5_-_windows.zip: Unexpected end of archive

I have been trying to get this game to work since the day of release, to no avail.
Ayoub's Avatar
Ayoub replied the topic: #3 19 Jan 2014 18:39
When I download MBP 1.50, I can't extract it. It says either: Unexpected end of archive or Cannnot open this file. I'm using Windows 7. Please help!!!!!!