Go get it people.

On a more serious note, this build has been in the works for the last four and a half months and contains many many improvements and changes over Beta 3. This build is for Windows and Mac only, no Linux support. It contains changes in the engine-level which allow us to fix some serious bugs and crashes as well as enable moving platforms and cross-platforms (Win/Mac) on Multiplayer. Additional security has been implemented to further stop exploits from happening. In addition to these major changes, MBP 1.50 RC1 includes over 50 new items and over 100 fixes.

A few additions and fixes include:
- 490 total SinglePlayer levels (100 MBG, 120 MBP, 60 MBU, 210 Customs) and 35+ Multiplayer levels
- Added back challenges and made way more changes to Super Challenges
- Over 100 achievements
- New replay system (in-game)
- Over 80 different marble skins
- Better Multiplayer Leaderboards
- Lots of options in the options menu
- Not exactly addition or fix but removed 24 easter eggs from MBP levels

The Marble Blast Platinum User Interface (UI) has had an almost complete makeover, save for a few UIs which were fine as-is. The new interface looks and runs better and has many tooltips to help people out. While there is no Manual at this point, it may be added before final release.

MBP 1.50 RC1 is also the first to provide a launcher. This launcher will check your game files against the server. If all is fine, it will launch MBP and you can play normally. Otherwise it will automatically download and install any new patches, meaning you get fixes pushed out to you as they happen. The launcher can also launch MBP in offline mode (no server checking) in case you have no internet connection. In this case, MBP will disable its online mode altogether, thus limiting you to Single-Player offline.

Credits to: HiGuy, Matan and Jeff (Platinum Team devs), amd42 (engine master), Phil (1.20 Dev, 1.50 - some achievement icons/UI), MadMarioSkills (Skies), Seizure22 (PQ codes), Whirligig (radar, name tags), Aayrl (Launcher dev, custom levels hype-ist), RDs.Empire (Ultra Blast & Mega Marble shapes), Lonestar (MP textures), CyberFox (shapes), Buzzmusic (Comforting Mystery & Challenge music), and the community (finding so many bugs and requesting a lot of cool things.)

We hope you will enjoy Marble Blast Platinum, the new and improved Marble Blast experience.
- The Platinum Team

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Max's Avatar
Max replied the topic: #1 21 Aug 2014 19:13
Right when I go on vacation.

When I get back I will be playing multiplayer and mb ultra levels nonstop. Finally!!!!!
Jeff's Avatar
Jeff replied the topic: #2 20 Aug 2014 19:49
From what I've been told, we have a version that works now for OSX 10.7 and above. For osx 10.6.8 users, we are still trying to fix this issue.

This build is not publicly available yet. It will be out soon.
Eguy's Avatar
Eguy replied the topic: #3 20 Aug 2014 15:58
Because RC1 is not yet compatible for mac os x under 10.9. The staff is working hard to fix this bug soon. This is already posted on the FAQ thread.