Hey everyone,

We hope you've been enjoying the Winterfest update! We've just released a new patch update that fixes a number of bugs that you've reported, namely issues rendering on NVIDIA cards on Mac OS X. We've also optimized the rendering code and fixed Mac users not being able to change Anti-Aliasing preferences.

Additionally, the dedicated servers should be functional now. There were a few issues with them trying to use the new rendering code (without any graphics, you can imagine why they crashed), but this new update should fix that.

As always, we hope you enjoy,
The Platinum Team

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HypedForReal's Avatar
HypedForReal replied the topic: #1 17 Dec 2015 04:09
2 days left till my birthday :cheer: !
or maybe ill get the desktop on christmas but hopefully my birthday!
UPDATE:im actually getting my desktop tomorrow because i went to the mall today and i couldint find any good laptops at the microsoft store so i rather order the desktop.Im excited to play with you guys! :cheer: :lol:
IsraeliRD's Avatar
IsraeliRD replied the topic: #2 16 Dec 2015 16:50
Also not mentioned is Nadir no longer throwing an invalid mission error. It was because the hidden Santa trigger was not actually set in the correct spot, making it impossible to achieve. HiGuy updated the mission CRC To reflect the fixed mission.
Derpking's Avatar
Derpking replied the topic: #3 16 Dec 2015 07:50
Since this was never mentioned in an announcement anywhere and we haven't updated the changelog in the launcher (ahem), I'd like to point out that we also fixed issues with fullscreen mode on Windows. Alt+Tab works much faster now, and the game shouldn't crash anymore.