Hello everyone!

December is here, and that can only mean one thing...Winterfest is almost here!

We'll have the annual Winterfest celebrations starting very soon, and we'll run the event through the beginning of January once again to provide you with plenty of fun filled multiplayer matches on Snow Brawl!

Need a reason to check out the website again? The Marble Blast Advent Calendar has returned for 2019! Be sure to sign in to the Marble Blast Website daily and visit your profile to claim your reward every day!

Check out the Daily Advent Calendar (2019)


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Weather's Avatar
Weather replied the topic: #1 12 Dec 2019 19:59
I mean, it seems like the calendar isn't integrated into the rest of the website in a certain way, so it won't pay attention to whether you're logged in, hence the message above the tiles. The forums and your account page know if you're logged in regardless of whether you did so since opening the browser, thanks to cookies.
I don't think it's necessary to go to your profile or the calendar everyday, really; although I checked the forums everyday, I didn't check those two pages until the third day but still got the first two achievements (which are labelled as having been gotten on the third . . . so that's weird).
zachman99323's Avatar
zachman99323 replied the topic: #2 12 Dec 2019 00:42
Cmon, of course I was logged in (I posted that comment). And also, like I said, it takes me to my account page, not the login page.
Weather's Avatar
Weather replied the topic: #3 10 Dec 2019 01:07
It does that to make sure you're...

It does that to make sure you're logged in and to show you whether you got an achievement, I guess. All the visible tiles have the same link.

For some reason I'm getting all the achievements so far despite missing a few days.