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"At long last, through blood and laziness, MBA is finally out and it will kick ass! Get ready to push your skills to the max. MBA contains challenging levels for the advanced players and of course there will be a few levels for the more novice. Unfortunately if you're novice MBA is gonna be challenging." ~CyberFox, Lead Designer, MBA.

Marble Blast Advanced was inspired by the success of Marble Blast Platinum. It has been in the works for over two years, but sadly lack of contribution and time from its staff meant that it faded out with very few features inbuilt. It was eventually scheduled for release as-is in 2009, but again lack of time meant that only in September 2010 it released, becoming the second ever "full-mod" to be released to the public. Reception has been generally positive.

Marble Blast Advanced offers a variety of levels, from short and fun to long and challenging. Skills players often need to use are diagonal movement and spin control, so these are recommended to understand before tackling this mod. Likewise, lack of checkpoints means that players should be well experienced with Marble Blast.

Marble Blast Advanced had never received further support (except a hotfix within days of release), but works on both Windows and Mac. At this time of writing, only 6 custom levels were ever made for Marble Blast Advanced. Nonetheless, Marble Blast Advanced is still a recommended download for those who want a fresh new look for Marble Blast.

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