The Time Capsule 16 topics


The Time Capsule 16 topics

Welcome to the Marble Blast Forums Time Capsule! You have until 17th January 2021 to post a message inside the capsule before it is buried and dug up again next year. Common topics include what you're doing right now, pictures, videos, memes, and predictions for the year ahead.

Time Capsule's History:
Created 31st October 2007 and buried 14th November 2007 (Sporlo's Birthday)
Unburied 14th November 2008 and reburied 10th December 2008
Unburied 10th December 2009 and reburied 1st January 2010
Unburied 1st January 2011 and reburied 21st January 2011
Unburied 1st January 2012 and reburied 22nd January 2012
Unburied 1st January 2013 and reburied 21st January 2013.
Buried during 2014-2015 because Matan was too lazy to unbury it.
Unburied 1st January 2016 and reburied 22nd January 2016.
Unburied 1st January 2017 and reburied 22nd January 2017.
Unburied 1st January 2018 and buried 21st January 2018.
Unburied 1st January 2019 and buried 21th January 2019.
Unburied 1st January 2020 and buried 19th January 2020.
Unburied 1st January 2021 and to be reburied 17th January 2020.
Unburied by Doomblah January 1 2022 and to be reburied Jan 22 2022.

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Re: Time Capsule 2022 Predictions
by WeegeeMaelstrom
15 Jan 2022 05:07

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After 4 Long Years, It’s Final ...
by Doomblah
22 Dec 2021 19:00

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Re: Hello
by Connie
04 Jan 2022 12:51

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Talk about anything Marble Blast!

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Re: Mazik's Gem Hunt Level Reviews
by Mazik
15 Jan 2022 19:33
Oh no! Something's wrong!? Is Marble Blast not working properly? Post here and we'll do our best to help you out!
* Guests can create threads and reply in this board as well, so don't hesitate to ask us!

Alternatively, you may submit a private Support Request Ticket to our team by Clicking Here!

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Re: Dividing Flight bugged gem
by CylinderKnot
11 Jan 2022 02:47

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Post records for level times and community-designed challenges here.

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Re: hPerks World Record Rampage
by eNetro
13 Jan 2022 15:14

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Re: Robert's Videos
by Robert
15 Jan 2022 20:19
Single player and Multiplayer tournament discussion should go here!

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Re: Marble Blast Platinum 14th Ann ...
by Yoshicraft224
31 Dec 2021 03:14

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Re: Level of the Year 2021
by Nockess
15 Jan 2022 23:06
For discussions about level building in general and using Quark and Constructor for designing levels.

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Short n' Sweet Level Editor Ti ...
by daniel741852
07 Dec 2021 05:41

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For our Marble Blast artists and graphic designers. Show off your work including skyboxes, custom textures, or marble skins!

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Re: go'ways marbles or something
by Go'way
08 Jan 2022 23:35

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Marble Blast Platinum: The new and improved Marble Blast experience
PlatinumQuest: Your Journey, Your Way

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Re: Basic Coding in PlatinumQuest ...
by EdFanSus-ble
20 Aug 2021 03:58
Official Marble Blast Fubar BETA Forums

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Re: When is Fubar coming back?
by IsraeliRD
11 Aug 2020 05:00

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Find out about Quaternion, an ambitious new mod project from Whirligig Studios.

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Quaternion installer
by MindsEye
27 Dec 2020 02:10
Find out about MBSTOP II, an ambitiously humongous modification by Jiquor.

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by Jiquor
06 Jan 2022 00:23
Look here for information about any upcoming or released community-made Marble Blast mods.

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Re: New Mod Coming Soon - Marble B ...
by Connie
02 Jan 2022 16:57
Learn about the Marble Blast Development Kit - a package for aspiring mod-makers.

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Re: How do i make custom Main menu ...
by mario2
26 Dec 2021 05:22

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Re: Which Video Games You Play And ...
by Egg
02 Jan 2022 14:28

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For topics related to marble games other than Marble Blast

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by Egg
18 Dec 2021 19:18

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9. Buying New Playing Cards
by NF
02 Jun 2021 03:28

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Re: joj 2
by eblu
22 Dec 2021 19:04

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Re: Mods
by HiGuy
10 Nov 2015 20:25