New Beginnings

A lot has happened in the last month! Who knew 2021 would be one of the most active years for the Marble Blast community? While you may be aware of some of these changes already, we felt it best to summarize all the happenings in one succinct post.

Open Source PlatinumQuest

PlatinumQuest’s source code is now available under the MIT license. Check out the main repository at (Yes, this includes cannon.cs!). But don’t worry, we’ll still keep an eye on things and publish official game updates periodically throughout the year. Pull requests are welcome!

Staff Changes

Two new moderators are being added to the team: Doomblah and Go’way! Both have been prominent members for several years and are excited to continue the ongoing legacy of the Marble Blast Community.

IsraeliRD has officially retired from the Marble Blast community as of January 1st after an astounding ~20 year streak. However, all streaks eventually end, and IsraeliRD leaves behind one of the most impactful legacies within the community with hundreds of hours of YouTube content, two incredibly successful mods, hundreds of custom levels, and more forum posts that we had to import from Proboards than we care to admit. We wish him the best of luck wherever his journeys may take him.

HiGuy and Derpking will officially retire from their moderator and administration roles within the next few weeks. They still plan on working on future updates to PQ, just not as community moderators.

Aayrl will not be part of the moderation team going forward, but will continue to assist with administrative capabilities, working directly with the new leadership team to ensure the smooth operation of the Marble Blast Website, leaderboards, and online capabilities.

We wish you all continued success and enjoyment of the little indie game we’ve grown up with as we transition to the next generation of this community.

~Marble Blast Community Staff

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Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #1 02 Feb 2021 23:18
First, I want to congratulate the new moderators. Doomblah and Go'way are passionate and dedicated community members, and I hope they'll do well.

Also wow, these are some pretty big changes. Everything that's happened lately has gotten me quite emotionally invested. It's been a wild month, but I hope everything settles down soon and that this really does become a new beginning for the game and the community. PQ open source is a really promising step, and I'm sure that the game will continue seeing improvements and stuff.

I also just personally want to say thank you to HiGuy, Matan, Derpking, and Aayrl for your many years of running this community. The amount of work and dedication you put into this, as well as your own actual money, is impressive and we wouldn't be here without all your hard work. So thank you so much for that, and I hope your lives have been improved by working on this game, but also by moving on from this game. I hope you are all doing well now.

I'm thankful for the past but also super excited for the future of this place. I can't wait to see where all this goes!

Come discord, brah

If you're a new visitor you might think this community is inactive, but we mostly moved away from the good ol' days of the forums, though they do see some activity.

After registering on the website, the Community tab on the top bar gives you direct access to the Forums, the Webchat (PlatinumQuest Online chat) and a direct link to join our Discord community server, with more than 300 members, variety of channels to chat on and a cool assortment of memes emojis.


Credits to FlavoredSaucer for the squishy marble gif. You should check out more of his work on the discord server!

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StrawberryCake replied the topic: #1 30 Jan 2021 13:17
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clairrdd54 replied the topic: #2 30 Jan 2021 12:58
I got muted
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James replied the topic: #3 19 Jan 2021 18:53
nah, msn is where it's at

Perfection in all of its glory

I'm happy to publish an incredible Tool Assisted compilation by newcomer DomTurchi, who hails us with years of experience from Zelda: A Link to the Past as a theory TASer.
For the uninitiated, Tool Assisted Superplays are played frame by frame, with runners usually rewinding to previous points in the game to optimize their movements, or force the game RNG in their favor. As Marble Blast does not have any kind of rewind inbuilt, custom scripting tools were built by HiGuy from the ground up in order to execute frame perfect inputs, followed by a conversion to the game's internal .rec format to replay the script.
DomTurchi blasts his way through all 24 beginner levels, demonstrating not only full-blown optimization but also showing how far the community's runners have gone to optimize this game.

Special Thanks:
HiGuy, IsraeliRD (Matan), Xelna, Nature Freak, Cobalt, DKman00, Anson & Mazik.
Videos recorded and edited by IsraeliRD.

Additional TAS information:
- While all recordings will play in a vanilla Marble Blast Gold, all of these were recorded on the community used Framerate Unlocker modification by Derpking (which lets the game run at 1000fps), and I (Matan) created for this TAS a small mod to the game to show the game's third decimal place.

- Minimum allowed FPS is 30 and used in Marble Materials Lab. This is a community accepted minimum.

- All techniques (except banned glitches such as Screenshot Glitch) that are used can be found at:


[TAS] Marble Blast Gold - Beginner Levels by DomTurchi in 2:03.600

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Marble Blast Ultra - World Record Rampage #2

This unexpected World Record Rampage was started a few months ago after we noted that most levels now have new records!
Played in PlatinumQuest, this rampage contains 60/61 new records and 21.036 seconds improvement. Platform Party is from previous rampage, and Scaffold is NOT a world record, but an improved time over previous rampage.



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SuperSpinout's Avatar
SuperSpinout replied the topic: #1 09 Oct 2020 19:01
J'ai regardé votre vidéo et je suis impressionnée (j'ai essayé de faire la même chose)

Labor Day Madness 2020!

Hello all,

Wow, 2020 has been quite a year, huh? All this madness is really driving some of us inside, leaving school and work early, seeking some sort of asylum during these times.

Well, what if I told you Labor Day is right around the corner, and with it, the annual Labor Day Madness event?

That's right! You too can join us on Monday, September 7th from 2:00 PM EDT (18:00 UTC) - 8:00 PM EDT (0:00 UTC) for the largest Marble Blast event of the year! Please join us in Aayrl's "Labor Day Madness" Server during the specified time window to join the fun!

The event will feature several rounds of traditional multiplayer gameplay, a series of special Event Custom Levels (including some from the Marble Blast Developer Archives), and end with a full play-through of the classic Marble Blast Gold levels in a round of multiplayer Co-Op! There may be a few surprises in store, as the Community Staff have a knack for playing with console commands ..

Doing something else on Labor Day? Hey, that's totally fine - I'll be streaming the whole thing LIVE on Twitch, so you can experience the action on your own schedule!

Rest up, we'll see you on Monday!

Marble Blast Community Administrator

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SuperSpinout's Avatar
SuperSpinout replied the topic: #1 22 Sep 2020 17:31
Ohhh shoot I missed the event.
StrawberryCake's Avatar
StrawberryCake replied the topic: #2 06 Sep 2020 12:35
big hype
Weather's Avatar
Weather replied the topic: #3 06 Sep 2020 00:59
"There may be a few surprises in store, as the Community...

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