Rewind Mod

This is a Marble Blast Gold and Platinum mod with rewinding and replay capabilities. Yes, thats right, rewind capabilities.
  1. Complete rewind support including smooth rewinding of trapdoors, moving platforms, checkpoints, teleports and much more
  2. New replay system to view TASed runs which aren't unstable like .recs. Put your replay file in marble/client/replays and view it using the ingame replay centre. This replay system automatically saves best runs, no need to put a console command in to start recording
  3. Said replay system allows pausing the replay via jump button and scrubbing the replays via the movement button.
  4. Cross platform: saved replays work on both Windows and Mac
  5. Ghost racing: If you already have a replay for a level, you can race your top score marble by simply clicking the play button. Option to disable this is available in Options menu. Ghost marbles are with sync to the time shown on the timer and will freeze if you pick up a time travel.
  6. Save States: These are basically manual checkpoints but store the entire state of the mission. Rewinding is also possible after loading a save state. Available in bottom right of pause screen. Save States can be stored to disk as a replay, giving rise to partial replays.
  7. Frameskipping for those who have really high fps
  8. Replay Edit: Press the Rewind key while paused in a replay to start playing the level from that point in time!
  9. Slow-mo rewind and RTA for the precision
  10. 1:1 frame rewinding for your frame-by-frame needs
  11. Time-travel Timer that shows how much bonus time is left till the clock starts once again.
  12. Rewind API for implementing rewind for other mods: See documentation at

MBP-Rewind Features:
  1. Nearly accurate replica of MBP 1.20 with the features such as Checkpoint, Teleporter, Random Powerup including the GUI!
  2. Includes Leaderboards support, no need to authenticate, the name used will be the name you gave when you got a score.
  3. Note: Not all MBP features were ported though cause they were not required to run the original MBP levels. This means no PathNodes and any features past MBP 1.20

Known Bugs:
  • Trapdoor Desync: Trapdoors may sometimes always remain open, this shouldnt affect the gameplay much unless you wanted to use the same trapdoor again later on.
  • Timer bugs during stopped time: the more you use rewind while time is stopped, the less accurate your timer would be. Error ranges from ±0.001s upto as big as ±0.2s depending in how frequent rewind is used.
  • Various undocumented bugs due to Replay Edit
  • Various interpolation bugs due to approximations taken when Match FPS is enabled: Won't fix cuz its literally guesswork

Helpful Console Functions:
// <path> can to any file on disk(even outside mb dir). WatchReplay(<path>;); // eg: WatchReplay("marble/client/replays/movement.rwx");

// Locks fps to what you provided as <fps> setTickInterval(1000/<fps>;);

// Sets the game's time scale. Used to play at half speed and such setTimeScale(timeScale);

  • Derpking: MBExtender and FrameRateUnlock
  • HiGuy: Mac Build, Bug fixes for Mac version (pre MBP-Rewind), and testing
  • petalflurry: Mac testing
  • A friend of mine: Mac testing




Windows Installer by MindsEye (includes both versions)

Plugin Source and API documentation:

-Added search option for missions. (MBP-REWIND)
-Added partial replays. Use the save states feature to save them. Partial replays are suffixed with the time and save state index.
--Bug Fixes:
-Fixed incorrect marble names (MBP-REWIND)
-Fixed long replay saving times
-Fixed DC customs not having leaderboards (MBP-REWIND)

--Bug Fix:
-Fixed MBP signs not showing up

-Added MBP Features: Checkpoint, Random Powerup, Teleporter, Overall MBP UI (MBP REWIND)
-Basic TAS Leaderboards, no need to authenticate, the name used will be the name you gave when you got a score. (MBP REWIND)
-Added Rewind API: See documentation at
-StaticShape and Item animations now rewind!
-Added Replay Edits, press the rewind button while paused in a replay to initiate edit.
-Async Replay saving, now you wont get a huge lagspike when a replay is saving.
-Better Replay Browser: You can now read the replay metadata in the browser!
--Bug Fixes:
-Fixed gravity direction not changing bug while rewinding/using savestates
-Fixed Time Travel timer interpolation bug
-Fixed more timer bugs, please let this be the last bug for the timer I fix
-Numerous other undocumented bugfixes

Version 1.6.2
-Smoothened out interpolation on low timescales, hopefully it should also fix the timer bugs
-Reverted hoops.mis back to original, was changed because rewind wasnt working on it back during development
-Added more debug info when $Rewind::DebugInfo = 1
--Bug Fixes:
-Fixed crash when timescale was set too low
-Fixed camera during gravity change
-Fixed moving platform jittering and desyncs. Though they'll still desync/jitter a bit in old replays before this version

Version 1.6.1
-Added trapdoor rewinding
-Added replay pausing and scrubbing
-Added ghost racing
-Added time travel bonus timer
-Added save states
--Bug Fixes:
-Fixed moving platform jittering in rewind
-Fixed minor Match FPS rewind bug
-Fixed timer bugs
-Fixed marble jumping sound in replays
-Moved majority of rewind code to the plugin

1.How do I install it?
Ans: Simply unzip the downloaded zip. For windows, Run the marbleblast.exe inside MBG-Rewind/MBP-Rewind directory. For mac, Unzip in /Applications/ Run or No need to use a fresh MBG installation for any platform.

2.Where are the replay files located?
Ans: They are stored in the /marble/client/replays directory with extension .rwx. This is a custom format.

3.How do I race ghost marbles?
Ans: First you need to have a replay already existing for the level you have chosen, then make sure that Ghost Marbles are enabled in the Options menu, the then you simply click the Play button.

4.How do I save states?
Ans: Save States are available on the bottom right corner of the pause screen.

5.How do I scrub replays?
Ans: You first pause the replay by pressing the button corresponding to the jump(usually space). Then you use the buttons corresponding to moving left and right to scrub replays(usually A and D)

6.Help, the mod is crashing!
Ans: Please report the crash to me by sending the console.log and the rewind.log, application crash log(for Mac) and describing what were you doing when it crashed and the platform(Windows/Mac) the mod is running on.
What is useful for me: console logs, methods of reproducing the bug, your rewind settings.
What is useless: "It crashes when I do this", "This does not work", please don't send such reports.

Please report any reproducible bugs/crashes by pasting

in the console, then reproducing the bug and then sending the console.log and rewind.log to me

Go, get TASing MB now
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