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folder_blue.png Modifications Files: 0

In here you can download completed modifications to Marble Blast Gold. These contain many new features and additions to the game, as well as many levels for you to play.

It is recommended you read the mod descriptions we have provided for you in the relevant pages. If you want more mods, check out the incomplete mods section.

folder_blue.png GMBGMM Files: 1

G3orge’s MBG Mini Mod isn’t a mod per-se, as it does not contain any new features at all and it is completely based on Marble Blast Gold. This mini-mod contains 25 levels, some of which were donated by community members, and two soundtracks.

G3orge’s MBG Mini Mod was very well received by the community. It is still highly recommended for anyone.

folder_blue.png Gerson's Level Compilation Files: 1

Marble Blast: Gerson's Level Compilation (GLC) is a mod made by NaCl586. This mod features a format similar to the Japanese dōjin game known as the Touhou Project. Each level has four variations, which are sorted into difficulties, namely Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Advanced Files: 1

Marble Blast Advanced was inspired by the success of Marble Blast Platinum. It has been in the works for over two years, but sadly lack of contribution and time from its staff meant that it faded out with very few features inbuilt. It was eventually scheduled for release as-is in 2009, but again lack of time meant that only in September 2010 it released, becoming the second ever "full-mod" to be released to the public. Reception has been generally positive.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Emerald Files: 2

Marble Blast Emerald was released on July 2011 and is the third major mod ever released to the community. Featuring brand new game-modes and old favorites such as finding a hidden sapphire in levels.

Reception to Marble Blast Emerald was generally positive. Many liked its new features, scenery, level design and some of the sounds and music. Most complaints were drawn to the user interface which was inconsistent in quality or felt clamped. Support was planned for Marble Blast Emerald but eventually was dropped and lack of innovative features and almost no custom levels from the community had therefore led to this mod be forgotten about.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast Evil Mini Mod Files: 2
A nice spin on Marble Blast Gold. Some levels keep the classic vibe of Marble Blast Gold while some make their own wacky vibe. Play through 100+ levels of all difficulties.
folder_blue.png Marble Blast Powered Up Files: 4

Released in November 2013, this mod was made by Whirligig and focuses on modifying the PowerUps and adding new ones, and thus remixing many Marble Blast Gold levels. In addition, sandbox levels were created which show off many new features including gravity levels, springbox, oil and glue powerups and much much more.

Reception to Marble Blast Powered Up was generally well, but only few seemed to have played. Praise went to the new levels and features but people had issues with either installing or playing it. Some levels did not function properly though were still playable, and some were just hard.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast STOP Files: 0

Marble Blast STOP is one of the first full-release mods developed since July 2011; not counting Marble Blast Powered Up that was released in 2013.

With over 170 new levels, this mod has the most levels of any mod released to date. So far reception to Marble Blast STOP is fairly positive. One thing that is getting a lot of notice seems to be (when you go on through the game), some redeveloped and resurrected classic Marble Blast CUSTOM Levels, such as Open House Revision. The new CheckPoints and OCTAGONs are a bonus for easy gameplay and challenge. Current complaints are about the inconsistent graphics style and presentation.

While Marble Blast STOP may be the new game, it doesn't just contain gameplay, but it contains an actual storyline. It's best to go through the level packs in order so you understand the story better.

folder_blue.png Marble Blast STOP II Files: 3

Marble Blast STOP II (released in 2017, updated in 2022) is a quirky hybrid of the Marble Blast series, and is one of the rare full-scale mods offered on-site. It is the sequel to the now-dead original Marble Blast STOP; containing 141 stages, new physics, an awards system, web features, new features, and tons of bonus content. Can you help Captain S. Marble recover his lost Teapots and save his friends in order to return to Palladium Village safely? This ambitious & humongous modification is a must-have for diehard roll-playing game fanatics, especially those who are just checking this web site out and prefer to play something else first. This modification helps promote finger and brain skills as you learn to control the marble in new ways. This modification is one of many modifications created by a non-forum-staff-member that receives regular updates.

You can view more information about the modification here: https://stopii.fandom.com/

folder_blue.png PlatinumQuest (Demo) Files: 2

The Platinum Team is pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited PlatinumQuest Demo, just 2.5 months shy of the 7th year anniversary of PlatinumQuest's inception.

This demo contains 15 Single Player levels that range from the Tutorial to Expert difficulties, and plenty of features to boot along with a brand new User Interface. PlatinumQuest aims to be easier and more fun than Marble Blast Platinum while maintaining a higher quality of level design and new scenery.

The Platinum Team would like to extend our thanks to our Beta Testers, Kurt, hPerks, Nihahhat and [email protected] They helped us find issues, test requested items and give extremely through feedback on every possible aspect of the PlatinumQuest Demo.

folder_blue.png Quaternion Files: 1
Quaternion is a total-conversion modification of the game, putting a new spin on everything. Quaternion adds a central hub level and more puzzle-oriented gameplay, as well as modernized graphics and physics.