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rar0 gmbgmm 1.00 HOT
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G3orge’s MBG Mini Mod isn’t a mod per-se, as it does not contain any new features at all and it is completely based on Marble Blast Gold. This mini-mod contains 25 levels, some of which were donated by community members, and two soundtracks.

G3orge’s MBG Mini Mod was very well received by the community. The levels were praised for their creativity, high fun factor and a few for being original. The later Advanced levels are challenging and will require some thought in order to finish. It will take one roughly two hours to beat this mod, but it is still highly recommended for anyone.

Created 2014-01-04 04:23:11
Changed 2014-01-05 02:44:39
Version 1.00
Size 54.36 MB
Downloads 2,739
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