CLA Updates and New Custom Levels

After an awful lot of testing, making notes, organizing (Promarbler where?) and being frustrated with SourceTree, the CLA team, consisting of Kalle29, Kurt, Promarbler, Threefolder and I can finally say that the CLA is close to being done.

What we haven't told you yet is that, while we were playing through those levels, we also got the chance to create 10 more level packs. Based on ratings by all of us, we have chosen 51 levels that will be added to the Leaderboards!

We hope you enjoy, and we will keep an eye out for people that spam too many WR messages

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Kalle29's Avatar
Kalle29 replied the topic: #1 19 Feb 2016 15:39
I would also like to give a shoutout to HiGuy for helping us along the way with technical stuff, could not be done without him.

And also thanks to Matan for helping me with level ratings.
Weather's Avatar
Weather replied the topic: #2 19 Feb 2016 14:34
I'm glad to see that some new ones will be added to the leaderboards. And good job CLA team.
Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #3 19 Feb 2016 12:11
Wow, this is so great! I can't wait to play some when I get home from school. Will there be more in the future added to the leaderboards or just these?

Marble Blast Fubar Beta Build 40000 Released

Hey everyone,

It is my pleasure to finally release Marble Blast Fubar Beta Build 40000 for public testing. Included in this build is your first look at Marble Blast Fubar's Exploration levels. I will be releasing additional Exploration content over the next few months, so be sure to check the release notes carefully for new additions to this exciting game mode!

MBF Exploration Mode

In addition to the new game mode, today marks the first of three Player Level Resets, as mentioned in my initial news post. Any player that was above level 14 has been reduced to Level 14 (with maximum experience) and 0 Credits. This is to ensure proper and fair testing of the new Exploration Game mode, which unlocks at Level 15. Any players level 14 and below prior to the release of Build 40000 were not affected by this.

In addition, the global Leaderboard times have been RESET. This was done primarily to ensure the database revisions made in Build 40000 work as intended and to optimize the performance of world record calculations and global leaderboard score displays. I do not anticipate resetting the Leaderboard times after Build 40000 (unless, of course, a particular level is reconstructed or revised, in which case the scores for THAT LEVEL may be reset.)

Other exciting additions include:

  • World Record Notifications!
  • An all new Play UI!
  • More Screen Resolution Settings!
  • Code Optimizations!
  • and much, much more!

As always, I strongly invite testers to please post feedback and bug reports in the Marble Blast Fubar Feedback Forum.

I hope you all enjoy the new Build! Next up is Conquest Level modifications, due shortly after March 1st, so stay tuned for more fixes, improvements, and additions!


Marble Blast Community Manager
Marble Blast Fubar Lead Developer

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Zakarya's Avatar
Zakarya replied the topic: #1 14 Feb 2016 10:43
Thanks for answering me ;)
So are u ok for my proposition ? if yes, whats your Skype ?

Thank you again.
Lichable's Avatar
Lichable replied the topic: #2 14 Feb 2016 09:58
Geat job here!
ImNotAllThatGood's Avatar
ImNotAllThatGood replied the topic: #3 13 Feb 2016 18:11
Cool! I love Exploration! It's a good way to spend my credits and earn more XP!


And the Winner is...

... ME! If I remember to lock and bury the Time Capsule on time (protip: won't happen)
On a serious note, the last post's poll results were checked and they were as follows:

So what does this mean for MBP?
Right now, everything stays as-is. This poll was designed for MBP 2.00, which includes PlatinumQuest.

So why did we want the community to make the decision? How does it help us?
For the Platinum Team, we can continue to roll with a number of plans we have for MBP 2.00 in terms of unification. News and trailers will follow in the next few months to show some of the standarization and advancements we're undergoing right now. These exciting changes are a first for the community and we are looking forwards to sharing them with you.

- The Platinum Team

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Enigma's Avatar
Enigma replied the topic: #1 30 Jan 2016 20:09
Hm, I had just begun to feel indifferent towards the anomalies in the naming schemes. Ah well. I liked the original names better.
Ralph's Avatar
Ralph replied the topic: #2 27 Jan 2016 08:58

NatureFreak wrote:
Will cyclones now be called tornados?

Yep, because cyclones are much bigger than tornados, and calling tornados 'cyclones' would no longer make sens at all.
Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #3 23 Jan 2016 17:03
Will cyclones now be called tornados?

A poll to poll you


Your participation is thanked in advanced. We will check the poll results and decide in the next 24-48 hours.

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Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #1 19 Jan 2016 01:10
8 years isn't forever.
Also, Matan has already recorded his voice saying the old powerup names for PQ.
ImNotAllThatGood's Avatar
ImNotAllThatGood replied the topic: #2 19 Jan 2016 01:05
I don't want the gems/powerups to be renamed because of the voices and those names have been in the game forever! (Seems like forever, doesn't it?)

RadiantVibe's Avatar
RadiantVibe replied the topic: #3 18 Jan 2016 06:00
Spooky url

Quick Update: Emails

Hey all,

We had been having some issues recently with our email server on this site, and were unable to send password reset or activation emails for a week or so. After wrestling with postfix for roughly two hours, I have restored our ability to send mail. Please note that any messages that were sent during these last few weeks may not arrive (or they may arrive all at once, I'm uncertain whether they were lost to the void). Hopefully there will not be any problems with our mail server in the future.

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