Custom Levels Archive: Finally Released

After over 7 months, it's finally here. The entire updated Custom Levels Archive has been completed, cataloguing over 3,700 levels spanning over 11 years of Marble Blast history. The full updated CLA can be downloaded here, just be warned that it's 893MB total, so it may slow down your game considerably.

Thanks to the CLA Team for pulling through and releasing this:
  • Kurt
  • Kalle29
  • Regislian
  • Promarbler14
  • Nobody
  • Threefolder
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Sakine's Avatar
Sakine replied the topic: #1 07 May 2016 04:53
Where is the comedy level by smellysock?

Da Mansion wont load correctly.
I put all of the custom interiors in too.
Polarium's Avatar
Polarium replied the topic: #2 19 Apr 2016 02:52
Of course you do... else you wouldn't be here ;)
Heather's Avatar
Heather replied the topic: #3 19 Apr 2016 00:22
I love playing marble blast.

Fewer photos, more skills

Hi everyone,

After discussing with several members of the community, we have decided to completely ban use of the screenshot glitch for every level in every game. All world records and times that used it will be dropped from the leaderboards and current standings.

To further help the ban, Marble Blast Platinum 1.7.11 and above will use PlatinumQuest's current screenshot method, which is to pause the game and take a screenshot before resuming the game. This means that screenshots can still be taken, but they won't actually glitch the game.

In MBG World Record Rampage #5, all levels that previously used the screenshot glitch will be run without it.

We will create a special "Screenshot Glitch" category which will still allow you to showcase the glitch if you wish, but it will not be kept on the leaderboards. For those wondering about the glitch's latest effects, it can be used to collect items such as gems, time travels and other powerups from far away, as seen in this video made by Kalle29.


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Battlecube314's Avatar
Battlecube314 replied the topic: #1 05 May 2016 17:38
I think it is a glitch, at 9.62 seconds in (I re-examined the video). Didn't notice that before.
NF's Avatar
NF replied the topic: #2 17 Apr 2016 14:18
Did Bent Reality use a screenshot to bypass the OOB trigger near the very beginning, at the invisible floor part?
eNetro's Avatar
eNetro replied the topic: #3 16 Apr 2016 04:07
I don't really see why the screenshot glitch needs to be banned as abusing the glitch (for example, in Space Slide) can still be extremely challenging. However, I'm okay with this move.

New Terms of Service and Colored Username Updates

Hey everyone, we have a major announcement to make: We are updating the community's Terms of Service.
These new Terms of Service have been simplified dramatically to make them much easier to read and understand. We have clarified them and hope that you will take the time to read them. They are available to read at this link, and you will be prompted to agree to them when you next log into the Leaderboards.

On a lighter note, we are changing the policy for earning a colored name. From now on, colored names will be awarded to any player who beats all 281 Gold/Platinum times on the Leaderboards. Note that when PlatinumQuest releases, we will add its levels' Platinum Times to the requirement list too, so you should grab it while it's still easy! Those who previously had colored names will be able to keep theirs.
If you already meet the requirements for a colored name, go open your achievements in-game on the Leaderboards to trigger the award system. It will assign you a random color at first, but you can change it by editing your profile.

- The Staff
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Lee's Avatar
Lee replied the topic: #1 10 Mar 2016 10:01
By all 281 gold/platinum times, does it include custom levels? (Please no ;-; )
NF's Avatar
NF replied the topic: #2 09 Mar 2016 01:56
Okay, that makes sense. Getting all of the Gold/Platinum Times is hard enough—I have 112 and can't make any progress except for Catwalks probably.
Frostfire's Avatar
Frostfire replied the topic: #3 09 Mar 2016 01:34
I will agree to disagree then. Thanks for responding :)

48 hour level making jam announcment

Hey everyone. Recently a lot of new users have joined MB level building so it seems like a perfect time to host another event, this time a bit unusual one. This event is all about making a level in 48 hours or less. Doesn't matter if it's done in level editor, Quark Constructor, Notepad,if you have just started getting into making levels or you have been doing it for years. If you can make a level, we want to see it. During this event everyone will also have chance to participate in multiplayer testing matches (they will work for singleplayer levels too) where level makers will will be able to receive feedback directly from players and improve their creations . In addition some people will be streaming so it should turn out fun experience for everyone participating. Since this is a jam there will be no winners, however anyone who participates will receive a new sparkly flair on their profile to enjoy.   

Event will take place from 11th to 13th of march, (Check your timezone below):

Start: 11th of March 4PM CST (Central standard time US) Click this to check time at your location

End: 13th of March 5PM CST* (Central standard time US)  Click this to check time at your location

*event ends at 5pm since America has daylight savings clock turning at 13.03

For further details visit the main event thread HERE.

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PlatinumQuest Update 5


The Platinum Team has decided to add Paperboy as a graphics designer! He will focus on texture design with PlatinumQuest so that the graphics quality gets bumped up quite a bit! Welcome, Paperboy, to the Platinum Team!

Keep on rolling,

- Jeff and The Platinum Team

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Nockess's Avatar
Nockess replied the topic: #1 09 Apr 2016 15:40
PlatinumQuest will not be available for download until it's first release which is planned to be in late December of 2016 or in early 2017. If you're looking to download other mods, there's a drop-down tab called "Downloads" at the top of the page in which you can download Marble Blast Gold (Demo), Platinum, and other complete and incomplete mods.
a17_devil's Avatar
a17_devil replied the topic: #2 09 Apr 2016 15:37
hi,where download?thx
ImNotAllThatGood's Avatar
ImNotAllThatGood replied the topic: #3 28 Feb 2016 22:01
Enjoy your time on the Platinum Team as a PQ Graphics Designer! I can't help you because I'm a regular member.