Is releasing PlatinumQuest EASY or HARD?

We're nearing the release of PlatinumQuest. In fact, we are so close to release, that we have an actual release date...

It's in two days, on July 6th!

During July 5th we will move the site to maintenance as we get it ready for PlatinumQuest. Once we're back up PlatinumQuest will be featured front and center. Returning players will be able to download it just by running the Marble Blast Platinum Launcher.

- Matan and The Platinum Team

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Evokrypt replied the topic: #1 05 Jul 2017 16:06
Is it too picky to ask what time ... ahaha

Seriously excited about this tho. Perfect timing too - just finished school yesterday and have my long awaited break before uni/college!!
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Marson replied the topic: #2 05 Jul 2017 15:22
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CylinderKnot replied the topic: #3 05 Jul 2017 14:50

PlatinumQuest Speedrun Winners

The PlatinumQuest Speedrun competition comes to a close. The $15 Steam Summer Sale winners are Rosie and El_Robert! Rosie has had no competition to her beautiful 10.725 on Having a Blast, while El_Robert managed an awesome 32.728 on Work in Progress, barely beating Frostfire by roughly 0.05 seconds. You can view both videos right here:

Congratulations again to the winners!



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IsraeliRD replied the topic: #1 03 Jul 2017 17:24
Rosie/Robert PM me your steam username and ill add you. We have like couple of days so make sure to choose those games ASAP!

PlatinumQuest Speedrun Competition

Hey all,

With the Steam Summer Sale 2017 going on, I was thinking about being generous and giving a couple of people some smiles, so why not a competition?

The competition is very simple:
Open up the PlatinumQuest Demo and speedrun one of these two levels: Having a Blast , or , Work in Progress
To prove your time, you must do it on video and upload to YouTube (it can be unlisted).

The top time in each level will award its owner $15 worth of games for Steam, however it only pays out once so you can only receive $15.

In case someone gets top spot for both levels, then the next prize is as follows:
- If it's the same person for 2nd place on both levels, he receives $15
- If it's two different people for 2nd place on both levels, each one receives $10.

The only other rule is that you must have a Steam account in order to participate.
If you win, we'll add each other as friends, tell me the games you want and I'll purchase them for you. No gift cards will be given instead as this prize must be used for the Steam Summer Sale 2017.

The competition begins... now... and ends on the 2nd July. Anyone can play, as long as they have a Steam account.

Good luck to all,

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Ralph replied the topic: #1 03 Jul 2017 07:24

Sefaroooooooooo wrote:
If fraps is your first issue Ralph then switch to OBS

I'm giving a try to OBS, but I'm doubtful it could work in my crappy computer.

Edit : Can't install it because of some messed up certificate approbation with plugins I didn't have installed anyway.
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IsraeliRD replied the topic: #2 02 Jul 2017 21:28
Hey all, the competition will close in 5:30 hours from this point of posting, mainly because I'll be at work after that point. Winners will be announced when I'm back! If you sent the video (YouTube is recommended), it will be posted, so have it unlisted at the minimum.
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Frostfire replied the topic: #3 01 Jul 2017 13:57
k you do now


Hey all,

If you aren't following our Twitter account then you probably haven't heard that we have finished all SinglePlayer levels for PlatinumQuest. This major milestone means a lot, since PlatinumQuest started as SinglePlayer only. Now we just have to make the Online section work nicely with the multitude of features it adds (spoilers: it doesn't work that nicely). I find it rather interesting that the SinglePlayer levels are split into two eras: 2009-2012 with the original Platinum Team, and then 2015-2017 with a whole new Platinum Team (save for me). In most of 2012 and the entirety of 2013-2014, we had no new levels. I'm pretty sure parts of 2015 had none, but I digress. The ideas of what makes a level and how this evolved really shows.

We still have to wrap up all the corners of SinglePlayer and blast through Online before we can release.

In addition to all that, I'm super happy to tell you about the new Replay System. It replaces all current and previous recording systems (rec/avi/mov/mp4) with a new rrec format which allows you to painlessly record a run, restart without any player input and recognise when you finish a level (prompting you to save). You can then replay the level and it'll keep recording on a new file. It works with all PlatinumQuest's features, including Hunt mode. You can replay the recording on video in any resolution, framerate and OS, giving it very good stability. When you play Online, it will automatically record your run, and should you get a World Record, immediately sends it to the server, so we don't have to worry about missing runs when it comes time to make videos.
This rrec format will be required for all future World Record Rampages (excluding MBG, which continues with rec/avi/mov/mp4) as default.
As this system does use its own versioning system, any future versions of this game that change the rrec version will not have their recordings work with the release version, and vice versa.

Whatever the case, I'm excited that we've made so much progress, and I'm looking forward to releasing Soon (TM).

Until next time,

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Red_zone replied the topic: #1 12 Jun 2017 11:09
I cant wait to see the full version. Will there be Multiplayer soon?
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CylinderKnot replied the topic: #2 06 Jun 2017 23:35
It's unfolding before our eyes. PQ THERe!
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Evokrypt replied the topic: #3 04 Jun 2017 17:08
Yes, I am also really very happy about the new recording system, and am looking forward to any new features which we may not have expected!! I know that everyone involved in this will have put LOTS of effort into every aspect of this. Look forward to the new music as well! Haha. Will have to wait to play this as I've got exams and other things this next month, but at least this will be the perfect reward.

After the Mayhem

Hey, folks!

We were excited to see many of you were able to attend the mayhem which ensued today! If you were unable to join the madness, there will be ample opportunity in future events, so don't feel left out!

Overall, in just under two hours, we cooperatively managed to complete every level in Marble Blast Gold! Our collective time was 1215.99 seconds, or roughly 20.261 minutes. Nice job, everyone!

You can watch a stream of the MBG levels here:

Total Mayhem

We hope you all had as much of a blast as we did!
~Marble Blast Community Staff

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Enzone replied the topic: #1 26 Feb 2023 19:30
bruh this event happened 6 years ago
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Isaiah replied the topic: #2 24 Feb 2023 07:33
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Eguy replied the topic: #3 30 May 2017 03:41
Sorry, I know I said I'd be there, but I had friends over who stayed longer than I expected (I had fun though).

Glad to see much fun was had, and many marbles were knocked! :P