Profile Update - Phase Two

Hello everyone!

Remember back in August of 2015 when we added Profile Banners and status updates to your Marble Blast Website profiles? Do you also remember when I promised additional features would be added in the near future? Well, better late than never, or so they say..

Today, I'm pleased to announce the second phase of the Marble Blast Profile Update! So, what new and exciting features have been added?

No More Scrolling thanks to Profile Tabs! We've consolidated the entire Profile view (at least, the important contents!) to make it much easier to quickly view all your lovely pixels! No more having to scroll down the entire page to view your Fubar statistics, simply click on the applicable tab and oogle over your mountain of stats!

Profiles are Getting Friendly, and So are We! You can now directly add and manage your associated Marble Blast friends directly from your Marble Blast website profile! Your Friends are directly linked to your Marble Blast Platinum Friends, so updating your Friend List in-game will also update your Friend List on the website, and vice versa. Friend Invites are currently one-way, meaning you choose which Community Members you wish to add as Friends on your profile.

You can also easily view other user profiles and quickly determine whether or not you've flagged them as your Friend, directly from the website! While there is currently no in-game features regarding Friend Lists, I plan to add a "Friends Only" Leaderboard to Marble Blast Fubar - no word yet on whether or not a similar feature will be added to a future build of MBPQ!

If that wasn't enough to satisfy your Website Update cravings, I've also optimized our Profile code back-end so it now loads in a reasonable amount of time! No more 10 second + logins!

Lastly, we also made several adjustments to the Website on July 2nd - The full list of changes can be found here.

That's all for now! The third and final phase of profile updates should be unveiled before the end of 2017! Stay tuned for more ... Of course, if you discover any bugs or issues with the new Website changes, please let us know in the Support Forum or by submitting a Support Ticket.


Marble Blast Community Manager

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Weather's Avatar
Weather replied the topic: #1 07 Jul 2016 20:02
I would suggest also adding navigation links on profiles to the forum version and vice versa.

...So do I just have to bug you enough to get a colored username? :silly:

Behaviour issues

The Marble Blast Staff have been, for years, trying to create a friendly environment for all users to enjoy. As we grew from the older leaderboards to the newer ones, and later added an online Webchat, we realised that previous rules set on the forums needed to be brought to the new Webchat, as well as refined to account for today's community.

We have introduced several measurements so that all members can enjoy their time on Webchat; these include filters such as spam, politics, caps lock, and swearing (all of which are present in many other online gaming sites and communities). We know that the community's main userbase is mostly made up of adolescents, which is why it is important for us to provide a friendly environment to chat and play.

Unfortunately, a few members have decided to spam Webchat, much to the dismay of the moderating team. As a response, HiGuy had created an 'Adult Chat', where these users could spam without hitting the main chat. An additional chat, named 'coolchat', was created as a separate entity (it is inactive today) but was later dropped in favor of the Adult Chat.

As time progressed, the contents in the Adult Chat became worse and even included talking down other members. At the same time, new rules and filters were introduced to the main Webchat as some contents of Adult Chat had actually leaked. Eventually as more time passed, we realised that Adult Chat was no longer serving its original purpose, and instead it has divided part of the community by giving a few members a special treatment, while the rest had to follow Webchat rules. Even when Adult Chat was not in use, these members were given a treatment by the staff not taking serious action whenever they broke the rules.

Eventual discussions that followed had the whole staff agree that Adult Chat should be axed. We noticed its users had other ways of contacting each other (namely, Skype), and that the contents of the Adult Chat should not exist any further on Webchat. We saw it fitting to unify Webchat completely with a proper set of rules to maintain the original goal that we wanted: to have a friendly community environment.

What happened next was uncalled for. The members who had the special privileges complained about the loss of their Adult Chat quite heavily, and some of them started to make several of arguments for talking down the staff. A few of those arguments include:
- They told us we were lazy for not moderating at all, and when we did moderate, they got pissed at us for moderating.
- They spammed Webchat even when told to stop. This was done on a daily basis, several times a day.
- They said they knew better than everyone else what the community wanted.
- They called every single staff member a plethora of different degrading names, and kept noting how useless the staff are.
- They say the staff are a "hivemind", and that they should be on the staff in order to give actual opinions that differ.
- Threatening to leave the community, and saying that the community will die when they leave.
- Continuously stated that they would be better moderators, and named a few of the current moderators and administrators who should be removed from this site.

Whenever we responded or argued against any of the above points, they then repeated said points, and made no further useful arguments. These arguments repeated themselves for weeks, and with each and every decision we made (after having discussed them for hours in staff chat) they questioned us in a way that implied that we don't have the best interest in mind for the community.

After weeks of this harassment, the staff has had enough, calling for extreme action to be taken. That was handed this morning, where Kurt, nobody and hPerks were all banned from Webchat, and the forums.

Nobody has been the main spammer on Webchat for weeks (just the last five days have dozens of examples, including staff asking him to stop), and has been given a three day ban. He spent a lot of energy trying to come up with ways to get around the staff telling him to stop spamming, as well as the various filters that were set up. It got to the point where he counted characters before Webchat auto-muted him.

Kurt has been the driving force behind this whole ordeal. He has been banned twice in the past, even on InstantAction, on similar grounds. He has not learned from the past and when we gave him special treatment and privileges he abused them. When we took them away, he started complaining, making the previously said arguments and repeating those for the next weeks to come. The majority of staff agreed to ban him until further notice and discussion.

hPerks, although he was not directly involved in most of the above, was given a warning after continuing the tiring jokes of 'Kurt for Staff' and requesting the same privileges that were removed (as well as the joke for removing all filters from the chat). After continuing despite the warning, he was punished with a one day ban. This has expired as of now.

After this whole ordeal, the staff agreed that we could take a few lessons. For example we need to communicate better when a person is warned so that the next one who deals with the problem already knows the member was verbally warned. Likewise, we understand that what constitutes as 'spam' is different for everyone. We do try and remain around the same grounds, regardless. Additionally, we will give a verbal warning if we find you breaking the rules before starting to punish (in the form of a lengthy mute to start with).
It is most unfortunate that we do not have a Warning System as with the old ProBoards days, but we do hope in the future to implement a better system.

We hope that you will understand the difficulties that come with running a website and an online Webchat. Our staff have had experience with other communities as well and noted that we game more chances than most others would have. Plenty of other communities would have banned these members much easier.

If you have any further suggestions or would like to discuss the rules with us in a civil manner, we would be happy to talk.

We wish everyone happy Marble Blasting,
- The Marble Blast Community Staff

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ConniesMarbles's Avatar
ConniesMarbles replied the topic: #1 01 Jun 2016 13:44
oh,i did not not think it in that way.
So,im commin back!
Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #2 31 May 2016 20:15
Additionally (correct me if I am wrong), being banned just means being shadow banned. As you can see, you can still post on the forums and you can still play MBP online, and your scores will still be saved. You still get to use some of the privileges of this website and the corresponding game.
Nockess's Avatar
Nockess replied the topic: #3 31 May 2016 16:53
Here's my point of view.

Alexnico wrote:
Goodbye Cruel Marble blast Community

That statement is not true nor is it fair.

Even if someone claims to be very mature, that doesn't make you an exception. My belief (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that the community set this age limit because looking at how much stuff is said in chat, someone who's young will eventually pick up the foul language and will get used to saying it a lot. This turns THEM into someone who's immature and who should not be able to know some of the foul language out there.
This is why the age limit is there. We don't want to spoil younger kids mind of the examples we set in the community. We ban people under the age limit for their own protection.

Warning: Spoiler!

Custom Levels Archive Download

File Size Download 334M Download 8.0M Download 5.3M Download 18M Download 23M Download 361M Download 124M Download 2.5K Download 6.6M Download 103M Download 108M Download

Installation Instructions:

Download all the zip files above and extract them into the platinum/data folder in your copy of MBP. If you do this right, you should have both zip files and directories in platinum/data (e.g. both an "interiors" directory and an "" file). You can find the data folder by opening the MB launcher, pressing MBP, and clicking the "Open Game Dir" button. If any of the folders contained in one of the zip files already exists, just merge the download into it.

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Red_zone's Avatar
Red_zone replied the topic: #1 12 Apr 2019 11:52
can you make seperate missions for each game like missions_mbg with marble blast gold only missions?
Isoplere's Avatar
Isoplere replied the topic: #2 06 Jun 2017 19:59
some of these are so old school lol i love it
Moz_1998's Avatar
Moz_1998 replied the topic: #3 04 Jun 2017 19:09
Update: I have figured out what to do and the custom levels are now working. Thanks for the help, HiGuy :)

Custom Levels Archive: Finally Released

After over 7 months, it's finally here. The entire updated Custom Levels Archive has been completed, cataloguing over 3,700 levels spanning over 11 years of Marble Blast history. The full updated CLA can be downloaded here, just be warned that it's 893MB total, so it may slow down your game considerably.

Thanks to the CLA Team for pulling through and releasing this:
  • Kurt
  • Kalle29
  • Regislian
  • Promarbler14
  • Nobody
  • Threefolder
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Sakine's Avatar
Sakine replied the topic: #1 07 May 2016 04:53
Where is the comedy level by smellysock?

Da Mansion wont load correctly.
I put all of the custom interiors in too.
Polarium's Avatar
Polarium replied the topic: #2 19 Apr 2016 02:52
Of course you do... else you wouldn't be here ;)
Heather's Avatar
Heather replied the topic: #3 19 Apr 2016 00:22
I love playing marble blast.

Fewer photos, more skills

Hi everyone,

After discussing with several members of the community, we have decided to completely ban use of the screenshot glitch for every level in every game. All world records and times that used it will be dropped from the leaderboards and current standings.

To further help the ban, Marble Blast Platinum 1.7.11 and above will use PlatinumQuest's current screenshot method, which is to pause the game and take a screenshot before resuming the game. This means that screenshots can still be taken, but they won't actually glitch the game.

In MBG World Record Rampage #5, all levels that previously used the screenshot glitch will be run without it.

We will create a special "Screenshot Glitch" category which will still allow you to showcase the glitch if you wish, but it will not be kept on the leaderboards. For those wondering about the glitch's latest effects, it can be used to collect items such as gems, time travels and other powerups from far away, as seen in this video made by Kalle29.


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Battlecube314's Avatar
Battlecube314 replied the topic: #1 05 May 2016 17:38
I think it is a glitch, at 9.62 seconds in (I re-examined the video). Didn't notice that before.
Nature Freak's Avatar
Nature Freak replied the topic: #2 17 Apr 2016 14:18
Did Bent Reality use a screenshot to bypass the OOB trigger near the very beginning, at the invisible floor part?
eNetro's Avatar
eNetro replied the topic: #3 16 Apr 2016 04:07
I don't really see why the screenshot glitch needs to be banned as abusing the glitch (for example, in Space Slide) can still be extremely challenging. However, I'm okay with this move.