Forum Changes!

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce after several weeks of evaluation, we have decided to upgrade our Forum infrastructure to its latest stable version. Our previous forum software had reached its end of life, so it was necessary from a security point of view to complete the upgrade before the end of 2017.

With the new Forum infrastructure comes some exciting enhancements that we hope will make the forums easier to navigate and participate in! Below are some of the most important changes you'll notice:

  • An all new Forum Template and Layout!

  • All staff member posts now have a light blue background color in order to assist members with identifying official responses from the Marble Blast Community Staff!

  • The Marble Blast Community Staff now also have the power to flag community posts as "Helpful", indicated by a light-green color!

  • We've cleaned up how News Article replies look on the Home Page to keep our front doors super clean! Don't worry, you'll still be able to comment if you head over to the News Feed or Forums!

We're excited to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvements or changes to this new system. Please feel free to leave a comment and we'll do our best to address any issues you may encounter!



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Aayrl's Avatar
Aayrl replied the topic: #1 12 Jan 2017 01:13
Makes sense.

I'll add this to our list.

Robert's Avatar
Robert replied the topic: #2 10 Jan 2017 09:50

Aayrl wrote:
What do you mean by a button that links the forum profile to the actual profile? A link under the avatar on the forums, perhaps?

Yes, I think that would work too. What I meant is that whenever you click someone's name from a forum post it gets you to his forum profile ( I was thinking about having a button there (under the avatar, sure, why not) that upon clicking would take you to his "actual profile" (, the one with game statistics, achievements etc. At the moment, in order to see that profile, we need to search the user in the Scores section of the site.
HiGuy's Avatar
HiGuy replied the topic: #3 10 Jan 2017 03:18
The issue with the attachments button is actually because the picture settings options are supposed to be a modal... Somehow jQuery doesn't have the modal plugin enabled.

Winterfest is Here!

Hey everyone!

I am pleased to announce the annual Marble Blast Winterfest event has begun! Players will be able to partake in this years festivities from December 11th at 20:00 UTC through January 9th at 00:00 UTC.

This year, we've included some special new content for all of you:

  • NEW GAME MODE: MEGA MARBLE WAR - This game mode will be available permanently, starting with the Winterfest event! This game mode replaces King of the Hill with an improved variant we've been testing with various members of the community over the past few months. Grab your Mega Marble and knock opponent players out of bounds to score points! I'd like to thank everyone who had taken the time to try the new game mode and provide us with feedback throughout its development.
  • NEW WINTERFEST MULTIPLAYER PQ LEVELS - The PlatinumQuest team has been generous enough to provide us with two NEW PQ-winterized levels to explore this holiday season! Grab your friends and dive into some exciting new content!
  • NEW WINTERFEST MULTIPLAYER CUSTOM LEVELS - And if the PlatinumQuest levels weren't enough, we've added two brand new custom levels to the official Multiplayer Winterfest category!
  • NEW WINTERFEST ACHIEVEMENTS - Explorers rejoice! More exploration achievements have been added to the Winterfest levels!
  • And much, much more!

So sit back, relax, and compete with your friends in Marble Blast this holiday season!



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Alexnico's Avatar
Alexnico replied the topic: #1 12 Dec 2016 07:51
The Update made my game not work for online mode.
The error said that a file (spooky.cs.dso) was changed (CHANGED ITSELF!)
Ralph's Avatar
Ralph replied the topic: #2 11 Dec 2016 20:49
Alrighty, let's go! Thank you, devs!

Winterfest Returns Again!

Hey folks,

I'm pleased to announce the return of our annual Winterfest Event starting on December 11th, 2016! The event will run until January 9th. More details will be revealed later next week, so stay tuned for further updates regarding the start of the Winterfest event!

Additionally, the Marble Blast Advent Calendar has returned for 2016! Similar to last year, you'll be able to track theĀ Advent Calendar progress on this page. Be sure to sign in to the Marble Blast Website daily and visit your profile to claim your reward every day! You may find more hidden rewards this year as well!

Check out the Daily Advent Calendar (2016)!

Best Regards,


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PacPlayer's Avatar
PacPlayer replied the topic: #1 10 Dec 2016 23:10
Fun fact: In the URL, if you change 16 to 15, you'll see the 2015 calendar. ( to )


We all knew this was going to happen one day. Today is the day.

I am resigning from my posts as Administrator and Community Leader of this website. I want to further pursue my goals in life and need to spend more time towards them. However this is not a goodbye by any means. I will continue to work on PlatinumQuest and the various World Record Rampages, as well as other things, but will no longer take an active role in the decisions of this website.

I would like to welcome HiGuy as the main Administrator of this website. He has been with us for almost a decade and has played major role in the release of Marble Blast Emerald and lesser roles in other minor mods. His best work is inarguably for developing Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 and above, and doing the main work for PlatinumQuest (2017). He has also taken a very active role in this community and partakes in many activities that occur.

On a last note, I did ask HiGuy to leave me to be able to post news here so that I may still annoy everyone when necessary.

Until next time,

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Marblemaster1's Avatar
Marblemaster1 replied the topic: #1 05 Dec 2016 18:45
While I have found myself drifting away from the MB community because of other things in my life, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everything you have done. Matan, you will be dearly missed.
Technostar's Avatar
Technostar replied the topic: #2 27 Oct 2016 22:33
I haven't posted on these forums in a while (I'm waiting for PQ before making more levels, Citadel Castle was my last big one before PQ is released), but I have stopped by occasionally to see how things are going. Seeing this, I am reminiscing on all the progress our community has made with Matan as the leader. We have gone from a small group running exclusively off of GarageGames's website to a fully-fledged community with several game-changing mods, one of which (MBP) that is practically a full sequel to the original game. Now, we are less than 3 months away from the release of PQ, the largest mod ever constructed for this game. I am grateful for your leadership, Matan! I hope that you find the same enjoyment in your other pursuits that you did in Marble Blast!
BlastedMarble's Avatar
BlastedMarble replied the topic: #3 26 Oct 2016 04:02
Thank you for everything, IsraeliRD. Needless to say, you've contributed a whole lot in this community. Whether it be World Record Rampages, PlatinumQuest, and, of course, how everything in this community started.

A small gift

I've teased for many months now about the May 2007 staff build, and now it is available for the public. You can download it for both Windows and Mac or find it on the bottom of the Downloads page. Thanks to HiGuy for helping me compile these builds. Just extract the .zip file into a new directory and you're good to go!

No bugs or mistakes will be fixed. This version is unsupported and released solely for the enjoyment of this community.

Only changes done to this build were to ensure compatibility for both Windows and Mac. Windows users can delete the Contents directory as it contains the Mac executable and data.

Known issues and additional info about this version:

- Windows users will likely crash after loading Hazardous House twice by entering the level, and quitting it and then attempting to enter it again
- Windows users will crash if The Time Modifier Race is not played first, or any level is played second after TTMR. The reason is that this level uses exactly 512 interiors, which is the hardcoded Windows interior limit.
- LSmultiplayer is a Multiplayer-based map Lonestar made which will not work on Windows as it uses more than 512 interiors.
- Windows users should avoid playing too many levels, as the 512 interior limit exists. When the game crashes, your prefs.cs doesn't save at all, unless you saved it first by quitting the game normally.
- Sanctuary is a level from Xelna which was never ported to the final version of the game. You can add it yourself to the custom directory (does the interior exist? didn't check, don't care)
- Some .recs are available. Some will work on windows, some on Mac, maybe they don't work at all. I don't know.
- The fried egg skybox exists. Best skybox in all of Marble Blast's history.
- Also the old interface. God the horrors.
- NO CHECKPOINTS as we didn't have any code for it back then
- Some levels are incomplete, such as Ultimate Tree. Except levels by Jase and Phil, the rest were made in the Level Editor. Most levels are also easier/harder than their final version counterparts.
- Note that Tarmac is easier... :)
- Ultimate/Easter Egg Guides are available, dated May 2007 as well.
- You can qualify the next level by pressing the middle of the P in the level select menu.
- Source is available for certain stuff. Have fun.

Matan and HiGuy

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HiGuy's Avatar
HiGuy replied the topic: #1 04 Sep 2017 05:01
The page linked in the top post:
Yoshicraft224's Avatar
Yoshicraft224 replied the topic: #2 04 Sep 2017 03:42
What do you mean by the old downloads page?
HiGuy's Avatar
HiGuy replied the topic: #3 26 Jul 2017 03:20
Yeah download them from the old downloads page, extract, and open. They won't work online but you can still play the levels offline.