On February 2nd, 2024, marbleblast.com suffered an unfortunate outage which required a substantial effort to recover. We are happy to say that it is live once again! Here is a changelog of what is different about the website:

  • Upgraded infrastructure
  • New UI theme
  • Better mobile support
  • Changes to top bar menu
  • New Hunt column on the PQ leaderboard

Some systems had plugins that were too old to be updated, and so they had to be deprecated. These include:

  • Ticketing system
  • Forum private messages

The new website is also accompanied by a new update to PlatinumQuest, which will be needed to go online. Go check it out! Note, there is an updated version of Path o' Petals (Pack 8) with gameplay fixes, which unfortunately necessitates a wiping of that level's leaderboard.

We know you've been waiting long for this update and have plenty of run submissions built up. ⁠Join the Marble Blast Community Discord and you'll be able to submit your Marble Blast Gold .rec files and PlatinumQuest .rrec files in the dedicated #run-submissions channel.

The website officially went back live on April 1st, 2024. While that may sound fishy, not everything that happens on April 1st is a trick, and this is very real. Happy marbling everybody!

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