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map-pin Marble Blast Platinum World Record Rampage #4

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03 Mar 2022 18:56 - 03 Mar 2022 18:59 #1 by Doomblah
Marble Blast Platinum is likely going to be the next rampage as its the closest to 100% completed. While there is no deadline set for the rampage yet I'd like to get this post created and the rules established sooner rather than later.

This rampage will include all 120 levels featured in Marble Blast Platinum and the 27 Director's Cut levels. We do not have to reach 100% completion because it's not possible in order for this rampage to be released. There is no set deadline for submitting runs as of yet.

Rules for runs:
- Your run must be performed in PlatinumQuest online, on the leaderboards. No offline runs set after this announcement will be accepted.
- Screenshot glitches or any form of lagging your game is banned. Minimum acceptable FPS is 30.
- Any other kind of glitch is not allowed unless there is widespread agreement in the community to allow it, please discuss with everyone if you plan on performing a run with glitches.
- Only .rrec files will be accepted, we will not accept screen recordings of a run for the rampage.
- In order for a run to be accepted into the rampage you must make your run publicly available by either: uploading a video of your run, or posting the .rrec file in this forum thread and/or in our Discord . You cannot post these runs and later delete them, without a way to publicly view the run prior to the deadline your run will not be accepted into the rampage.

Anyone caught cheating will have their runs removed from the rampage and the Leaderboards.

This last rule about making your runs publicly available is not set in stone. If the community decides that they don't like this rule it will not be necessary.

Get to grinding, and good luck!
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