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file Marble Blast Platinum World Record Rampage #4

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03 Mar 2022 18:56 - 22 Aug 2023 22:57 #1
It has been 5 years since the last Platinum Rampage, it's about time we made another. This rampage will include all 120 levels featured in Marble Blast Platinum and the 27 Director's Cut levels. We do not have to reach 100% completion [strike]because it's not possible[/strike] in order for this rampage to be released. The deadline for submitting runs is September 30th, 2023 at 11:59PM GMT.

Rules for runs:
- Your run must be performed in PlatinumQuest online, on the leaderboards. No offline runs set after this announcement will be accepted.
- Screenshot glitches or any form of lagging your game is banned. Minimum acceptable FPS is 30.
- Any other kind of glitch is not allowed unless there is widespread agreement in the community to allow it, please discuss with everyone if you plan on performing a run with glitches.
- Only .rrec files will be accepted, we will not accept screen recordings of a run for the rampage.
- In order for a run to be accepted into the rampage you must make your run publicly available by either: access to the .rrec via the Leaderboards, uploading a video of your run, or posting the .rrec file in this forum thread and/or in our Discord . You cannot post these runs and later delete them, without a way to publicly view the run prior to the deadline your run will not be accepted into the rampage.

Anyone caught cheating will have their runs removed from the rampage and the Leaderboards, and could face a permanent ban from the Leaderboards.

We will use the Community Master Sheet to track all the times and runners, which can be viewed Here.

Get to grinding, and good luck!
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16 Sep 2023 01:15 #2
Two weeks left, people! There is only one level still not improved. As we all guessed, it's Despair with its horrific traplaunch that is still preventing the perfect 100%. Will you be the hero to go down in history for breaking that record?

Quick trivia as of right now: Xedron is the runner with the most runs in the WRR, and his longest streak is 5 levels in a row, which can be found in Advanced (Slip Up - Platform Race 2) as well as in Director's cut (Master the Super Jump - Pool). The longest streak without Xedron runs can also be found in DC, with 7 runs in a row (Diamond Travel - Half Pipe Dive). This section also features the longest non-Xedron streak of 2, which is tied with several people (DK, Xelna, Kasper, berserk). This is also the first WRR in almost a decade that Powerjohn can feature in on equal footing with the other members.

The Big 5 are responsible for more than 1/3 of all the time cut off in the whole WRR. The WRR also features an impressive 23 different runners. Sadly it does not feature deskjethp (we are all sad about this). This is also probably the most American WRR to date due to Xedron's domination (real American patriots can fact-check this). And as a final trivia point, the longest streak of unique runners in the rampage is already in Beginner (Learn the Wall-Hit - Recoil Training) with 7 unique runners.

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16 Sep 2023 01:31 #3
still trying....

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22 Sep 2023 17:12 #4
time to forget about this for [until it releases]

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