Category: Marble Blast Future
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Marble Blast Future was released after its leader, Beack, had gone missing for a very long time. This mod is incomplete as it does not have as many features or levels as originally planned. This can be seen through the remanent of Marble Blast Gold’s sounds, text and interface.

Marble Blast Future was well received in the community and is a recommended download. Many liked the scenery, textures, soundtrack and levels. The only let down was the spelling and grammar of the mod, for example the level ‘Bump’ said in it’s start help text: “Beware to fall into the holes!”. Lack of features did not help its longevity and Marble Blast Future is now often forgotten about.

Created 2014-01-04 03:10:05
Changed 2014-01-05 02:44:23
Version 1.00
Size 58.43 MB
Downloads 4,233
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