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Installation Instructions:

Download all the zip files above and extract them into the platinum/data folder in your copy of MBP. If you do this right, you should have both zip files and directories in platinum/data (e.g. both an "interiors" directory and an "" file). You can find the data folder by opening the MB launcher, pressing MBP, and clicking the "Open Game Dir" button. If any of the folders contained in one of the zip files already exists, just merge the download into it.

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Steven's Avatar
Steven replied the topic: #1 20 Aug 2021 18:44
Let's face it: if you're on this forum, you probably do.
Aran_Ryans's Avatar
Aran_Ryans replied the topic: #2 20 Aug 2021 17:42
I love Marble Blast
Red_zone's Avatar
Red_zone replied the topic: #3 12 Apr 2019 11:52
can you make seperate missions for each game like missions_mbg with marble blast gold only missions?