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Marble Blast Graphics Extender Marble Blast Graphics Extender HOT
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Install directions are included in the download (MAKE SURE TO READ THE WHOLE FILE), but if you're having problems feel free to ask. This will not work natively on Mac as they obviously don't use DLL files or Windows calls, but it will work on Crossover/WinE by following the instructions here.

SSAO(Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) - This one is hard to explain properly, just look for black lines on the edges of intersecting platforms/the marble.
Bloom - Because who doesn't like bloom! This makes things glow.
Color Correction - Change the hue, saturation, and the overall light level of your levels.
Emboss - This "embosses" your game, sort of a hackish version of bumpmapping.
DoF(Depth of Field) - Simulates a camera aperture by blurring the background if you're not focused on it.


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