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Framerate Unlocker - Windows Framerate Unlocker - Windows HOT
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Framerate unlocker mod for Marble Blast Gold - Win build. Unlock your FPS all the way up to 1000fps. Mileage varies depending on your CPU.


1) Put the files in your root Marble Blast Gold directory (you will have MBGPatcher.exe, PluginLoader.dll and TorqueLib.dll in the root directory, and a new sub-direcory called plugins, which contains FrameRateUnlock.dll)
2) Drag your Marble Blast executable onto MBGPatcher.exe, and depending on your security settings, a new window asking you whether to run the program will show up. In such case, press 'Run'.
You will now have a new file in the same name as the executable, but ends with -patched.
You can now run the regular MBG executable for vanilla MBG play, and the -patched executable for the one using the Framerate Unlocker

IMPORTANT: Running GarageGames MBG (1.1MBs) has a possibility to give you this error: "MBExtender is only compatible with the full version of Marble Blast Gold". If this happens, you need to copy the Marble Blast executable from Marble Blast Platinum into your Marble Blast Gold directory, and use that executable to get a -patched version.


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