Speedrun Edition

Hello everyone, it has finally gone through the paces and is available to the public! Starting out as tools to help with scripted TASing, the project evolved into a full-on modification that dramatically improves the vanilla MBG speedrunning experience. From third digit timers to a whole new rec file management system, this moderator approved mod of MBG packs a ton new features for both Windows and Mac users. Special thanks to thearst3rd for assistance in development, HiGuy and RandomityGuy for plug-in support, and Xelna, Mazik, NF and HappyTreeX1 for playtesting.

Please read the readme to get a full scope of all the changes. Alternatively, you can use help(); function in-game to view in console all the features added as well. Link to download the mod and change log below.


MBG Speedrun Edition - Beta v0.02
- Color-coded echo console output:
a. Gems and power-ups
b. Entering moving platform triggers
c. Frame landed on pad after go
d. Finishing a level
e. "Not enough gems" at finish pad
e. Entering custom checkpoints made in level editor
- Extended timer with third decimal point
- Time travel timer with one to three decimal places
- Third decimal high scores and completion times
- Input display
- Custom FOV support
- Time scale and time skip functions
- Velocity, position and acceleration output
- Particle toggle to prevent crashing
- Vertically dynamic console window sizing
- Revamped demo handling
a. New rec created each attempt
b. Completely new file handling structure that is non-destructive
i. Restart deletes previous attempt
ii. "Replay" moves rec into auto-generated _Trash folder
iii. "Continue" saves rec in demos folder
iv. Exiting during attempt prompts user to save or delete blooper
c. Disabled demo auto-play at main menu
d. Disabled $doRecordDemo, recording is always active
e. Fully restart level on replay buttons to prevent desyncs
f. Exiting to main menu or from demo saves place in level select
- Various hotkeys, restart and respawn player bindable
- New preferences and commands to toggle most things back to vanilla
- help(); function to learn everything about the mod in-game

- If frame rate unlocker is disabled, timeskip and timescale are also disabled
- The new rec system cannot be reverted to vanilla at this time
- The replay button will cause a crash if particles are enabled
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