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Marble Blast Powered Up - For Marble Blast Powered Up - For Mac HOT

Released in November 2013, this mod was made by Whirligig and focuses on modifying the PowerUps and adding new ones, and thus remixing many Marble Blast Gold levels. In addition, sandbox levels were created which show off many new features including gravity levels, springbox, oil and glue powerups and much much more.

Reception to Marble Blast Powered Up was generally well, but only few seemed to have played. Praise went to the new levels and features but people had issues with either installing or playing it. Some levels did not function properly though were still playable, and some were just hard.

Created 2015-04-26 01:32:58
Version 1.5
Size 104.31 MB
(13 votes)
Created by HiGuy
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Downloads 1,956
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