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09 May 2020 00:47 #1 by Nature Freak
PSA: Please don't play MBG. was created by Nature Freak
I've heard that kind of a lot has been happening with this game in the last week or so. Now I don't know much, given that I'm not in the Discord server and not super involved with the community, but it's enough to make me worried and need to give my input.

The World Record Rampages should be just that—world records. Especially since we've made the extraordinary feat of getting 100/100 levels improved as world records on video for the first time since WRR #2 in 2009, that's really a big deal. It vastly undermines our thousands of hours of work if people continue to get records after the deadline has passed. This should be a showcase of the world records in this game, just as it always has been. You've had five whole years to play this game, so surely you can wait a mere two weeks without it until the entire rampage releases. I couldn't care less how much you play this game after that (as long as no cheating is involved of course). But I do very much care about these next two weeks. I've put thousands of hours into this game since 2015, as have many others, and I want to be proud of the result, both for myself and for all the participants. But I won't be if it isn't an honest rampage.

Another thing I'd like to bring up: people might use the argument of "Oh, I really just want to get a last recording in for WRR #5 so that I don't have to wait for the next update to be featured!" But that's precisely it—you can't do that anymore. The deadline has passed. That's what deadlines are for, and it's just common respect not to disobey them. And about not being able to have as many runs in this rampage as you would like—basically, you can get over it. I felt the same way, because I started speedrunning this game just a couple months after WRR #4 came out, and I was disappointed that I had just missed a rampage. But I got over it, and since WRR #4 was out I just started recording for #5 as soon as I was able to. If sensitive, stubborn, 15-year-old me could get over myself, you can too. Please respect the deadline and play other categories, or just wait until the rampage releases. You can do it. I'll thank you later.
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