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25 Apr 2022 17:39 - 25 Jul 2022 18:46 #1 by TaylorMinecraftGaming
It's about time I announced this... was created by TaylorMinecraftGaming
Marble Blast Survival! Yes, it's now announced, so stop worrying about it(if you weren't already worried about it). Depending on how this goes, the video premiere will come out sometime between August and September. Also, teaser trailer(Trailer was originally made for 50 Ways to Die in PlatinumQuest) if it was an action movie or something.

It's planned to take place later in the year so I can plan everything. I'm also accepting auditions, so if you want to be a Chaser or whatever, then let me know! Speedrunner or not, there's a 15% chance that you might get the role. If you didn't get the role, then that's OK. There's always next year. I might consider having you be in the next Survival if you're good enough(Even the Runner maybe...)

MB Survival Rules & Tips:

Universal Rules:
-The timer will count down from 10 minutes, to 25 minutes based on who got what.
-A custom map will be used for any Survival.
-Spectating is allowed, but only the players who got their roles can join in.
-Don't keep powerups for too long. The longest you can keep a powerup is 1 minute.
-No Cheating. This includes: Constantly respawning(Pressing R over and over again); Keeping items for long periods of time; etc.

Tip: Outsmart the Chaser(s). You don't want to end up going OoB(Out of Bounds).
Tip: There could be areas where you could hide when it's getting intense. Don't stay there for long, as the Chaser(s) could find you.
Rule: Always be recording. I will be showing different point of views through out the video
Rule: Respawning is to help the Chaser(s)(and us spectating) to know if you've been eliminated. In other words, pressing the R key is not allowed.
Optional Rule: Enable your mic. This isn't a rule that's important, but it is recommended if you want to engage more seriously...or scare the Chaser(s).

Tip: Try trapping the Runner near the edge, as it's easier to deal the final blow that way.
Rule: Make sure to not immediately kill off the Runner, as the video/premiere needs to be at least 3+ minutes long.
Rule: Yet again, always be recording.
Optional Rule: Enable your mic. Again, not important of a rule, but if you want to enable it, that's fine.

Additional Things:
-To help make it fair, if anyone is lagging, we will choose a different map if lowering settings didn't work.
-Marble Blast Survival will be featured on my YouTube Channel . Yes, I am aware that Marble Blast Community exists...
-If people want me to, I might even join one of these Survivals.(not this year, as I'm too busy)
-If you have any suggestions for rules, tips, or edits to any of them, let me know, and I'll probably add/change them.

Hope to see you again in July!

Hello, everyone! I'm TMG. I'm a Game Developer, Speedrunner, YouTuber, and Composer. I'm now using Bandcamp for my music.

Marble Blast Survival 2022 Auditions are now publicly open! I'll be accepting auditions on the Marble Blast site and on the discord!
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