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24 Mar 2015 13:01 - 04 Apr 2015 12:19 #1 by Vixuzen
Vixuzen's Level Topic was created by Vixuzen
Hello! I'm Vixuzen a.k.a. Dawid8404 (formerly known as Legodawid) and I'm 15 years old.
I want to share You some levels I made in MBG and MBP.
To "install" them, simply put missions and interiors (if there is any) folders in Your platinum\data directory.
These stages use interiors from MBG. I made first 6 levels when I was 8/9 and others, when I was 9/10 (I don't really remember when it was) so I had no idea what I was doing :/. I'm sharing them for the sake of it.
My first level made in MBG.

Tubes Ride
Long and tedious level with tons of gems (200+). Pretty frustrating.

Crazy Road
That creative tittle... It has bullsh*t gem at the end.

Platform Madness
Platforms. Patforms everywhere.

Magic Slide
Short level.

Half-pipes. Half-pipes everywhere.

Skillz test by LD part 1
I added training3.dif to this and yellow road packages, because they're not included with MBP.

Hard Course
It's not that hard, when I think about it...

Yellow Road
I used pretty much every single yellow interior from MBG (Wow, so much creative. Wow).

These levels contain original interiors.
Close, yet Far
Level made originally for Neverball. I was pretty much 8/9 years old when I made it and converted it to MBP in 2014.

Small Challenge
My first MBP level. Made when I was 9/10.

Sand Road
Level made last year.

Construction Tower
Level made yesterday. Pretty hard because of tightropes.

If You have any suggestions on how to make these levels better, please, let me know.
I hope You like them :).
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10 Jun 2015 16:28 #2 by Ralph
Replied by Ralph on topic Vixuzen's Level Topic
Construction Tower can be neat in MP.

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10 Jun 2015 17:41 - 10 Jun 2015 17:44 #3 by Eguy
Replied by Eguy on topic Vixuzen's Level Topic
Fantastic looking levels Vix! I may make a video of them soon!

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15 Jun 2015 19:10 #4 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic Vixuzen's Level Topic
Oh my god,these look awesome.
Can you make a .zip file of all your MBG levels?

First player ever to get all of the Awesome Times.

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15 Jun 2015 21:24 - 15 Jun 2015 21:55 #5 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic Vixuzen's Level Topic
Idk how many people who posted in this tread actually tried least 1 level...
Here are my thought's
-You should definetley make one .zip file with all levels and interiors inside it as Rozy said above. I would love to try out some good old Level editor levels but there are way too many to download.
-I tried 2 levels from the bunch
--Sand road
Level definitely had a good potential and concept was neat. There are 2 things i would like to address that i found irritating or wrong.

This part specifically was overused way too much. Don't get me wrong, I loved the challenge and it fitted well to fast paced level, it's just it was getting tiering when I had to go through it for 3rd time. Sometimes having less is better than having same thing too much. :)

I wasn't sure how are you supposed to pass this, fast way didn't worked, if you did this slowly it sortof worked but gap was too wide and even with caution I fell obb.
--Construction tower
My first impression was ''oh wow that is good architecturally great looking and nice built level based on picture'' but it was soon broken by the fact that the whole level is based on tightropes (you have to ride on those wooden peaces as tightropes in order to get gems). I understand you're new to Marbleblast level building so I'm gonna give you few things you may want to avoid.
1.Most of people in these forums don't like tightropes, they are super easy to make and they are no fun to play or speedrun so you should avoid those. If you decide to make one make sure they are as wide as shown in image below (It's same as 1 gridspace at texture scale of 1x1 in constructor)
2. Often easier levels are more fun than super hard ones with lot of skillshots.
3. If you have trouble finishing your own level then don't expect anyone else having less problems- If you feel level has challenge that irritates you or is to hard, better remove it or improve it. You won't regret it and everyone else will enjoy your levels more.

In conclusion I just want to say that your level building skills are not bad. You have lot of potential. Sand road level is feat of art alone with so many courves exporting so nicely. Looking to see more levels from you ;)

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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