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05 Jan 2019 23:08 - 06 Jan 2019 00:33 #1 by Gyltan
Gyltan's Videos was created by Gyltan
If your a gaming legend, you may remember that in 2015, when I was a young'un, I made a few Marble Blast videos and posted them on my old, banned account. 8 to be exact.
(Only 3 remain online though, idk why.)

Well I have decided that I will continue to make new videos, on my new youtube channel.

Thankfully, the video quality will be as high as I can make it, and I will try to upload daily, maybe every 2 days.

Video 1: Welcome to PlatinumQuest!

Hi everyone, the name's SourSpitballs.
I used to be really active in this community on a different account, but I got banned due to my 10-11 year old self being so stupid to ignore the staff's warnings.

I kinda just lurk around here now lol
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