question-circle I Can't Get MBPQ to work on Windows 10

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07 Jul 2017 11:23 #1 by Aayrl
Hi Myrus,

Are you launching PlatinumQuest from the PQ Launcher? You can download a new copy of the Launcher from here:

I would suggest an attempt at loading the game from the Launcher, and then post back your results here. It's possible there may be some graphic setting issues that are preventing the game from loading properly on Windows 10 as well. The system requirements for PQ were changed as well, make sure your graphics card is supported and DirectX10 is installed:

DirectX 10 hardware:

GeForce 8000 series or higher
AMD Radeon 2000 series or higher
Intel HD 3000 or higher
Note that you may have to run on lower graphical settings depending on your hardware.


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