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13 Jun 2012 05:33 #1 by Joey
Back to King's Island was created by Joey
It's been such a while since I've gone; well, about a month or so. But still, I had only gone to King's Island once last year (that field trip at school), so this time felt more like the grand return (as last time, it was extremely packed since it was the second day the park was open, so lines were ridiculous). I was gone from about 12:30 today until about 11:00 tonight. This time at King's Island was probably the best day I've ever had at it! You'll be able to find my last year's experience in my blog somewhere.

So what all happened? I actually ended up hanging out with a Mexican crew today ; it was a lot of fun! I didn't even know them either. Talked to a lot of strangers, so...

Here's a good suggestion for when you go to any amusement park: go during the week! The lines are so much shorter than the weekend, and you can get so many more rides in! As for me? Well, I rode just about every single rollercoaster in the park, with the exception of the three in Planet Snoopy (kids area). I've had my share of thrills for the day. Here is a more detailed list of what all I rode (not in order):

Flight Deck (2x)
Adventure Express (2x)
The Vortex
The Beast
The Racer (4x)
Backlot Stunt Coaster
Invertigo (2x)
Flight of Fear
Diamondback (3x)

I never thought that I would get in that many rides in one day, especially considering that I didn't arrive until noon! It was so much fun. I'll tell you, today was definitely the perfect day to go! The longest line I waited in (Flight of Fear, Firehawk, or Diamondback; they were all pretty close in queve length) was only around 30 minutes. Also, today was my first time riding Windseeker. It's like the Zephyr (a chair swing-like ride), only 300 feet high! It was actually pretty gentle, but was a lot of fun looking down at the rest of the park!

Also, I stared at the immense size of the now-closed Son of Beast whenever I could. I never realized that it was 200 feet high until the day I first went this year. Such craziness. Had a lot of fun at the park, and I can't wait to go again in a few weeks!

Right, anyways, go to your amusement park during the week, for sure.

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