While the new site is awesome and we offer a lot of downloads, I think this is a good time to cover downloadable content for Marble Blast. Some of you might have noticed under the Downloads button an Upload option. This allows you to upload new content to the site under many categories, from levels, various shapes and skyboxes and other extras.

We want to keep the content exclusive to Marble Blast, so please don't submit content from other games. If you have screenshots, please upload them as well because it helps users determine whether they want to download what you submit. In addition, please don't submit levels from before 2014 as we have the CLA upcoming which includes all the levels. The exception are levels you have never released before.

Our first submissions are:
- Sporlo submitted his old 24 MBG levels, all in the level editor
- Buzzmusic submitted his first 2014 level, Escalating Hazards


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