I'm happy to publish an incredible Tool Assisted compilation by newcomer DomTurchi, who hails us with years of experience from Zelda: A Link to the Past as a theory TASer.
For the uninitiated, Tool Assisted Superplays are played frame by frame, with runners usually rewinding to previous points in the game to optimize their movements, or force the game RNG in their favor. As Marble Blast does not have any kind of rewind inbuilt, custom scripting tools were built by HiGuy from the ground up in order to execute frame perfect inputs, followed by a conversion to the game's internal .rec format to replay the script.
DomTurchi blasts his way through all 24 beginner levels, demonstrating not only full-blown optimization but also showing how far the community's runners have gone to optimize this game.

Special Thanks:
HiGuy, IsraeliRD (Matan), Xelna, Nature Freak, Cobalt, DKman00, Anson & Mazik.
Videos recorded and edited by IsraeliRD.

Additional TAS information:
- While all recordings will play in a vanilla Marble Blast Gold, all of these were recorded on the community used Framerate Unlocker modification by Derpking (which lets the game run at 1000fps), and I (Matan) created for this TAS a small mod to the game to show the game's third decimal place.

- Minimum allowed FPS is 30 and used in Marble Materials Lab. This is a community accepted minimum.

- All techniques (except banned glitches such as Screenshot Glitch) that are used can be found at: https://marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/general-mb-discussion/7818-advanced-techniques-in-marble-blast


[TAS] Marble Blast Gold - Beginner Levels by DomTurchi in 2:03.600

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