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24 May 2019 04:07 #1
This morning, my little sister and I rode our bikes to school. Although both of us had our own bikes, we only had one bike lock. It wasn't that big of a problem however, as we found away to lock up both bikes with it. Essentially, today was another typical school day. I wrote some quizzes, talked to my friends, stuff like that. Just your average typical day. That all changed at dismissal.

Just as I was about to step out of the door, I saw my sister approached me with her bike. I was slightly confused at first, as I was the one with the key. Before I could even ask, she looked me in the eye and quietly said: "Michael, your bike was stolen."

I heard what she said, but didn't really pick up on it. I was quite exhausted from the long day and was still trying to process the information. "What?" I asked.

She then glanced down at her hand and stretched it out to me. She was holding an object in her hand, and firmly placed it on top of mine. I looked at it. It was my bike lock, cut. I immediately began to feel the shock wrap around my entire body.

I rushed to the office and explained to the front desk everything that happened. She sent me to the vice principal, who then said that she unfortunately couldn't help me and advised me to file in a report at the RCMP. Two of my friends told me that the area near the school was notorious for bike thefts and that the RCMP wouldn't be of much help. They once got their bikes stolen, filed in reports, and never got a word of their situations ever since. It truly is a lost cause.

I pressed my eyelids together tightly, hoping to never be able to open them ever again. I started thinking. Why would someone do this? Why would someone need a bike so desperately that they would steal it from someone else? Or could it be that that certain individual only desired to distribute pain, hated, and resentment? What an evil thing to do. What if everyone just played by the rules? What if everybody stopped being a self-centered, senseless, scandalous son of a snitch and just stuck to the law? Maybe then, we wouldn't have so much crime or thefts or frauds. I do suppose that life would become very dull as a result. Perhaps in exchange for an utopian society, we would become even more unfeeling and unsympathetic towards each other than ever. Maybe we would lack the experience of dealing with unlawful agony and indignation. After all, if you never feel the lowest of lows, you'll never feel the highest of highs.

Whatever. I hope that jagoff riding my bike gets hit by a car and fucking dies.

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